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My New ESPE Handbag + What’s in Your Bag?

My New ESPE Bag
My New ESPE Bag

I was taking a stroll with Mark in the Glebe when I fell in love. Not with another man—one husband is enough, no, really—but with a lovely handbag showcased in the window display.

I stepped into the store, checked the bag, checked the price tag, checked Mark’s hands to make sure he hadn’t stolen anything and stepped out. The bag was close to $100, way too much for an impulse purchase.

A week later, I was still thinking about it. See, some women are into shoes but I’m into handbags. I only adopt one at a time and I usually keep it until it falls apart.

For a long time, I loved bags from ESPRIT. My last two bags were from Roots—not the genuine leather kind, the cheaper “found at Winners” deal.

I went back to the store once again to check out the bag. I had never heard of the brand, ESPE.

Later that day, I went online to www.espe.ca to check out the entire collection. This is when I realized the bags were much cheaper on the retailer’s website. The store in the Glebe that was selling them was taking a huge margin.

I had a bit of an etiquette moment here. Was it morally reprehensible to buy the bag online for less money after checking it out at a brick-and-mortar store? Wasn’t it what the industry calls “showrooming”? Shouldn’t I be supporting local small businesses?

Well, at least I was supporting a Canadian company—ESPE is based in Toronto.

My coveted handbag was $62 online. I didn’t hesitate long and I decide to live with my guilty conscience.

I put the red “Mascot” backpack in my virtual shopping cart and I placed my order.

Two days later, it was delivered to my front door. It was beautiful. Three zipped pockets, a lovely flowery pattern on the outside, and the shoulder bag conveniently converts into a backpack—great for when I ride my bike!

So this is my new bag. I love it. Money well spent, if you ask me.

Like most women, I carry my life in a bag. I blogged about the content of my bag a long time ago, back when I was a teacher. It’s funny to see what changed and what didn’t.

So, what’s in my bag these days?

  • My giant wallet
  • The house keys… well, key, really, I have a single key but four keychains!
  • My smartphone
  • Cigarettes and lighter (no comment, please)
  • A comb (that I never use but who knows, I may need it!)
  • A few Advil
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm
  • Mints
  • Snacks for Mark (usually a PB sandwich, a few crackers and a pouch of pureed fruit)
  • A 20-dollar bill hidden in the inside pocket (for emergency)
  • Coupons (I’m not an avid couponer but when they are for products I actually buy, why not?)
  • USB key
  • Kindle

Are you into handbags? Which brands or styles do you like best?

And what’s in your bag, ladies and gentlemen?

(In case you were wondering, ESPE didn’t ask me to write about them!)

Inside the Bag
Great for Biking!
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