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Esports in Canada is Growing

The Esports industry in Canada is absolutely booming. For those that are interested in video games and emerging technology, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. On an annual basis there are new advancements being made in this sector with modern video games having incredible photorealistic graphics, advanced computer AI, large scale connectivity with players from around the world, and many other factors. The result is waves of people that enjoy video games either casually or professionally, and the industry is one of the most lucrative every year.

As a whole, the Esports community is flourishing and receiving more attention than previously thought possible. Esports events are selling out arenas, major companies are coming on as sponsors, and platforms like Bet 365 that traditionally catered to live sports have launched Esports offerings and even a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 for new clients. Canada is one of the leading western countries to jump into Esports, and it’s clear to see how the industry is growing here.

Professional Esports Players

Many people grew up hearing that they need to stop playing video games so much and focus on school. Instead, there are thousands of people that make a living playing video games in one capacity or another.

In the world of Esports, there are many professional players and teams that earn a full time living for their virtual gaming skills. Their income either comes from their team salary and sponsorships, or the prize pools at massive international gaming tournaments. Canada is already very respected in the competitive Esports scene.

Among the best Esports teams in Canada, one of the consistently highest placing teams is Luminosity Gaming. Over the last six years, the team has competed in the popular title Counter-Strike, winning 16 events including DreamHack 2018. The squad has earned over $1 million dollars in total.

There are many other teams from Canada that are among the best in the world like the Vancouver Titans, who have earned over $300,000 playing the game Overwatch. One player in particular named Fly who plays with the team Evil Geniuses is among the best players in the world.

Known for his incredible strategy in the popular Esports game Dota 2, he is regularly winning top 10 spots in tournaments around the world and has lifetime earnings of over $2 million. With so many top tier players around, Canada is having a full scale Esports revolution.

Video Game Streamers

Among platforms like Youtube and Twitch, video games are the #1 genre for channels. Naturally there are thousands of popular video game streamers across Canada, and many of them are doing exceptionally well for themselves.

There are several different types of streamers. Some are more geared towards entertainment and engaging with their audience, others are more focused on education and showcasing top level skills and techniques. This demonstrates that viewers watch these streamers for many different reasons. Within the video game streamer genre, there are many sub categories and niches that these channels fill.

Among the biggest Canadian video game streamers are people like Shroud, xQc, and Gosu. All of these individuals are immensely popular in the world of Esports. Shroud was a successful Counter-Strike pro that pivoted full time to streaming. His audience is mostly made up of people that enjoy watching his skillful play and want to learn some tips and tricks. His Youtube channel has over six million subscribers. This is just one example of a successful streamer out of the thousands across Canada.

The Business of Esports

In the Asia market, South Korea is one of the biggest Esports destinations on the planet. For decades the community there surrounding video game pros has laid the groundwork for the rest of the world. There are regular video game tournaments and championships in South Korea and pro players are often treated like real athletes or celebrities.

In the western world, Esports is growing rapidly but we are still far behind places like Japan and South Korea. However, in recent years Canada has made huge leaps towards growing and legitimizing this industry. Some have even called Canada a “hub for the booming esports industry.”

This growing sector has drawn the attention of many corporations that are looking to sponsor teams and events. Esports is even getting its first publicly traded companies and there are more expected to come over the years. Overall, it may have taken some time for Esports to truly take off but there is no going back now and this industry is clearly just getting started.