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Explore the beauty of the Mediterranean on board a luxury yacht

Cruising along the Mediterranean coastlines is a timeless and special vacation endorsed by the elite. Whether you are looking for the Aquamarine waters, privacy, lively vibrant atmosphere of cities, best bars or luxury local restaurants, during cruise everything can be adapted to your preferences. Be ready to leave the worries of everyday life and enjoy preserved beaches and fresh breeze from the comfort from the most luxurious crewed yachts in the Mediterranean ready for private charters. 

Best luxury yachts in the Mediterranean

1. Aiaxaia

About the yacht: Permanently located in the Adriatic Sea luxury sailing yacht Aiaxaia is a 46-meter-long vessel that offers high end cruising and gastronomical experience. There are 6 lavish cabins, leisure amenities are plentiful including tender boats, 2 jet ski, water skiing, donut and banana ride, 2 kayaks and 2 paddleboards.

Her outdoor spaces offer the perfect spots for relaxation, dining, and enjoyment in the sun or shade. 

Charter price: from €87,000 to €97,000/week/yacht

2. Freedom

About the yacht: This yacht is ideal for large groups who want to relax in the superb surroundings on a roomy deck or brilliant interior. The 48-meter sundeck features Jacuzzi and pool in front ideal for relaxing with a cocktail from the bar. Guests can also enjoy al fresco dining, many amenities for the whole family to enjoy.

Charter price: from €60,000 to €64,000/week/yacht

3. Meira

About the yacht: The 54.5-meter yacht Meira from Turkey is built to provide a top-notch sailing experience you can have in Turkish waters. This is definitely one of the most modern motor sailors with a luxurious atmosphere. Guests can enjoy surrounding landscapes from the spacious deck that also features Jacuzzi on the flybridge, and in the interior sauna and massage room for ultimate relaxation. During built, every detail has been well made and planned out so the design is beautiful, modern and fresh!

Charter price:  from €105,000 to €133,000/week/yacht

4. Corsario

About the yacht: A luxury and yacht Corsario that has a mix of the traditional-looking ship and modern yacht, and it is one of the favoured yachts in the Mediterranean. Guests can enjoy in 48 metres long deck that provides Jacuzzi on the flybridge for romantic nights, or they can choose to relax on sunbeds until time for outdoor dining comes. There are also other amenities that make cruising experience to remember, like a sauna and fun watersports.

Charter price: €79,000/week/yacht

Other honourable mentions are Daima €75,000 modern motor yacht, Corsario €79,000

luxury in the Adriatic sea, Regina €100,000, one of the biggest and longest gullets and last but not the least All About U €150,500, one of the most luxurious gullet yachts in the Mediterranean Sea.

The best cruising destinations in the Mediterranean

Some of the most glorious destinations Eastern Mediterranean are Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, and magical Greece. There are, of course, other such as Spain and France that also feature many beautiful destinations prized by yacht lovers. 


Immerse yourself into the history, nature, and beauty of Croatia’s coastline. This is an ideal holiday destination for yacht lovers since there are over 1200 islands and reefs dotted across the pristine coastline. Here you can do island hopping, visit old cities and secluded bays, while the Adriatic sea is calm and safe providing nearly perfect conditions for sailing and cruising. Furthermore, major tourist centres are definitely coastal towns Split and Dubrovnik, since they are great starting points for any cruise. 


Turkey made a complete breakthrough in recent years and it stepped out onto the scene as one of the most desirable destinations for cruising. The turquoise coastline and crystal-clear sea of Aegean, Mediterranean and the Black Sea hide strikingly beautiful cities, sleepy villages and coastal resort towns.

Regions of Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris are among the favourite destinations, so definitely make sure to visit some of them on your all-inclusive luxury cruise.


Italy is not only famous for its amazing food and magnificent art, but it is also popular for cruising along with authentic villages, towns, and islands. Those who choose Italy as their next destination can enjoy carefree luxury, amazing food, an easy-going lifestyle and magnificent nature.


Magical Greece painted in colours of blue and white is a great luxury cruise destination, especially for those who want to explore popular Greek islands. These islands are so dreamy and unique, each waiting to steal your heart. Yacht lovers choose this destination because it feels like a small paradise with big charm, which is why many want to come back and relive the experience. All the history buffs also appreciate all the ancient sites and archaeological findings combined with the luxury of staying on board.