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  1. Isn’t there supposed to daylight saving time? I’m sort of lost with the time…when are we supposed to turn our clock? Merci.

  2. Oh what fabulous colors! We have waited to see Canada in all its colorful glory and this post did not dissapoint! I just love the red maple in the last set to the left. Enjoy the fall!

  3. Nice! I have also tried to make use of the colors, visiting some natural sceneries while the colors are there. By the way, for the poster above me, Daylight Savings Time ends this November 2. And if I am not mistaken, my calendar (from which I took the info from) is both for Canada and the USA. I know however that European time changes are different with the North American one.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Here in Oklahoma the leaves are just beginning to turn but as soon as we get a bit more cool weather they will be nice. We got much more rain than average this summer so we should have a lot of color.

    Some years ago my wife and I flew up to Montreal then rented a car and drove up into Quebec in early October. I have never seen such color. Such beauty makes the winter a worthy sacrifice, although the snow has its own beauty.

  5. I’d really love to witness the 4 seasons! All we have here is dry and wet seasons.

    Fall is especially beautiful. It’s like poetry and painting and music mixed together. 🙂

  6. oooh those are some great colours! i luv the beautiful scenery… autumn is such a great season to hv strolls in the park…

    btw, the emoticons r so cute! 😀

  7. Salit Zhu,
    LOVE IT !!!
    When we were in North America, the trees were just starting to change colors.I love this time of year. It feels cozy and comfortable.
    Wishing you beautiful days before the start of winter.
    Bises 🙂

  8. Hey Zhu,

    Fantastic & rich Fall colours!! This is the second Fall pics I see here on your blog (and let’s hope that I see many more to come :D)!

    Winter is not quite here yet; but today the air is kind of chilly! But if last week’s pattern continues, tomorrow it will be hot!

    Thanks for sharing these great photos, darling!


  9. Hey Zhu,

    Great pictures! And finally I am also enjoying Fall 🙂 Yes finally landed in NY on Saturday. Lets see now ho it goes here 🙂

    Take care,

  10. Hi Zhu,

    There is something romantically nostalgic about autumn. To me it’s the passing of time in slow tender motions of sweet caresses. Memories of good times are what they elicit, times when life was simpler and truth was constant, and people were more demonstrative in their affection. It’s my favorite of all seasons.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos that made me imagine being in such a place.:-) –Durano, done!

  11. Beautiful colours. 360 square km – that’s nuts! No wonder you love the place. And in response to your note: yes, we get all those national holidays off! Isn’t it greatttt… 🙂

  12. @Bluefish – I think we now change as the same time as Americans. Long time from now… maybe after their Thanksgiving?

    @David B Katague – Thank you!

    @DianeCA – And it was the one and only post… as you can see, it’s now snowing. Damn.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Oh, okay, I thought it was later than that for the DST. Thanks for the info!

    @Khengsiong – I bet Malaysia would look really exotic to me, same as our fall to you!

    @Bill Miller – It’s amazing… I have never seen that in France either. Looks like you guys are having fall later than us… it’s already winter here!

    @宝茹 – Well, really, it’s more like three seasons. Spring is very short, nothing like in France.

    @kyh – New emoticons 😉 Glad you like them!

    @Breigh (Canadutch) – Yep, but now it’s snowing, Do you still wanna go home? 😉

    @barbara – Thank you! Seems like winter is here already… 🙁

    @Max Coutinho – Well, talking about winter… it snowed today…!

    @Annie – I’ll email you. You made it girl!

    @durano lawayan – Fall isn’t too nostalgic to me in Canada because of the Indian Summer… the first snow is another story.

    @Aiglee – It’s cool, isn’t it!

    @Sidney – And I miss the hot weather already…

    @Cuckoo – Thank you!

    @Brenda – Yeah, it’s a huge place. Like anything else in Canada 😆

    @SilverNeurotic – Nope… 🙁

  13. These are so very pretty! I was in Minnesota briefly two weeks back and did get to see some fall colors. However, I didn’t have the time to get out of the car and take pictures.

  14. Breath taking Zhu! You know I love the golden beauty of autumn and your wonderful pics are a great proof.

    Again it also strikes me how very alike Norway and Canada are in nature.

  15. @Shantanu – OH, I bet Northern USA is nice too.

    @RennyBA – Amazing, isn’t it! I don’t know any two countries that far and yet that similar.

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