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Fall in New York State – Back to Canada

After Waddington and the shores of the St. Lawrence River, we headed to the town of Massena in St. Lawrence County. It is named after the Napoleonic general, Andre Massena—I smiled at the thought of my French heritage following me all the way to the U.S.A.

The town was pretty quiet but we found a fast-food joint to grab something to eat. I spotted an interesting licence plate I had never seen before in the parking lot—“former prisoner of war.” Apparently, you can order them from the DMV as long as you can prove your former POV status. The owner of the car was an old man and I couldn’t help wondering in which war he fought—Vietnam? Korea? I wished I could have heard his story but this is not exactly something that can be brought up easily in a fast-food line-up.

On our way back to Canada, we took a break at the Eisenhower Locks on the St Lawrence Seaway. We stood there, overlooking the river, until the wind became too strong and too cold.

Once across the border back in Canada, we stopped in Cornwall to take a few pictures of the international bridge in the background and headed back to Ottawa. The sky made for interesting and dramatic scenery but boy, it was getting cold!

Fast Food Subliminal Message
Never Seen That License Plate Before!
On The Road
Massena, NY State
Quick, Take a Picture: French Woman in a US Fast Food Joint!
No So Healthy Lunch (for two though!)
Old Glory Fans
Sticker Overload
My One Cent
Massena Water Tower
Stormy Sky
Eisenhower Locks
Filling Up
St Lawrence on Canada Side
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French woman in English Canada.

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