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Picture of the Week: Fender Bender

Fender Bender

In Ottawa, a sure sign of spring is the number of convertibles and fancy cars you spot on the road. It’s also hearing the police and fire sirens, and seeing the paramedics zigzagging in the traffic.

For some reason, there seem to be more car accidents during spring and summer—strange, considering the weather conditions are much better than in the winter.

Canadians are great drivers when the roads are snowy or icy. A few years ago, when merging into the freeway on a cold icy night, the car skidded across the four-lane of the 417. It must have happened really fast butI will always remember us skidding slowly across the lanes, Feng swearing, me screaming and the other cars dodging us. We eventually hit a snow bank and stopped on the side of the road, both unhurt. The fact that Feng was driving slowly in the first place probably saved us, and fortunately the other drivers were as careful and skilled otherwise they would have rammed into us.

But during the summer, people go crazy. They drive too fast, drink too much and run red lights. Consequences are often more dramatic than this little fender bender I snapped at Dow’s Lake.

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