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One More Tee – Baggins Family Jewelers from Five Finger Tees

Looks like I developed an addiction for witty, cool or cute tees! Oh well…. some women collect shoes, and I have a closet full of original designer t-shirts. There are worse things in life, right?

I must admit this “Baggins Family Jewelers” design from Five Finger Tees caught my eye and made me smile. This “movie shirt” is inspired by the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy, and features the “One Ring” and the tagline “Baggins Family Jewelers: The largest selection of precious jewelry in Middle Earth.” It also has the famous line supposedly inscribed on the ring: “One Ring to rule them all.”

Pop culture at its best—I couldn’t resist. Two minutes after spotting the tee on Day of the Shirt, I was shopping at Five Finger Tees, a company that specializes in funny tees.

I must admit the company’s website was a bit disconcerting at first. I found it less professional-looking than its competitors and the design isn’t very polished. Apparently, the company started in 2009 and is family-owned and operated, which may explain why the website has a slightly “low budget” feel. It also bothered me that no credit is given to whoever came out with the design of the tee. There is very little background info about the idea, only a short description is available:

Shortly after Frodo’s grand adventure he decides to fulfill his passion for precious treasures and opens a jewelry store in the Shire. Stores in Bree & Rivendell coming soon! Image is slightly distressed.

I decided to give Five Finger Tees a chance anyway.

I picked a “Women Size Small” in the colour “Hunter”. The tee was $8.99 ($9.49 with tax) and shipping to Canada from the US was a whopping $10.99. I found a “five percent off” coupon on Retail Me Not which brought my total to $20.01.

I used my Yahoo ID to register on the website and payment was made by Paypal through Yahoo! Merchant Solutions. The process was straightforward and easy, and I received an order confirmation and invoice by email shortly after ordering.

I ordered the tee on May 15 and received it by regular international mail on May 30, well within the planned 5-12 delivery timeline. Good job on that one!

The plastic envelope contained the tee and an invoice—no coupon, no fancy “thank you”. I was a little bit disappointed by the colour of the tee—I was expecting the tee to be grey but “hunter” turned out to be green (which kind of makes sense actually…). Nonetheless, the colours displayed on the website are not very accurate. If I had known that, I would have ordered another colour.

The material used is nice though, and the cotton is thick enough—good quality here. I put the tee in the washing machine—I have a baby, I ain’t washing laundry by hand!—and the design didn’t fade at all.

Overall, I like the tee even though I am not crazy about the colour. Would I order from Five Finger Tees again? Maybe. Their tees are well-priced but shipping to Canada is way too high.

Baggins Family Jewelers Tee
Baggins Family Jewelers Tee
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