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Five Strenghs, Four People

So, here’s the challenge: make a list of five strengths that you possess as a writer/artist. It’s not really bragging, it’s an honest assessment (forced upon you by this darn meme). Please resist the urge to enumerate your weaknesses, or even mention them in contrast to each strong point you list. Tag four other writers or artists whom you’d like to see share their strengths.

Yep. You guessed it. I’ve been tagged by writer Todd and his Initial Draft. I could hardly pass on this one, since he called me an artist and a writer ! Besides, it’s Saturday night, it’s about 3C right now and I had a tough week. Let’s indulge !

Let’s see…

  1. Writing, drawing or taking pictures makes me feel good : I love expressing myself and creating something. Whether it’s looking for the perfect picture (never perfect enough of course), sketching a face on a piece of paper and filling it with colors, or finding a good introduction for a post, I’m enjoying myself.
  2. I was lucky with my writing so far : I’ve always written for as far as I can remember. I know it sounds typical for a self-proclaimed writer but it’s the truth ! When I was 18, I published a book. Three years later, I chose not to renew the contract with the publisher and got the rights back on my book (for some reason, it still shows up here and here if you want to see !). Anyway, I’ve always though if I was good enough to get published at 18 – and my writing wasn’t that good, really – I should persevere a little bit and, who knows ?
  3. My English is better now : I don’t really want to write in French anymore for many reasons, and even though my English is by no mean perfect, I feel like I’m slowly getting there. Sure, my grammar is still… well, you know. But yet, it comes easily to me now and that’s a huge step for me. I couldn’t speak English five years ago.
  4. I have something to say : I don’t want to write about what I ate, what I dreamed of, nor what time I showered last night (but if anyone if interesting, please leave a comment and I’ll tell you everything). I want to say meaningful things, I want to think aloud and I want to learn from people. If I can change only one little thing if this world, I want to show people the beauty of the world: it’s not a dangerous place but a beautiful mosaic of cultures and people. I happened to be one of these people. Let me show you my vision of the world and I’ll learn about yours. We might even be friends.
  5. I’m an hopeless dreamer, a citizen of the world, one of these left-wing people the TV warned you about : I believe art help us to get through life, its up and down, its hardships and rewards. I believe art is universal and can be understood and interpreted by every culture. I believe in making people dream, think, argue, decide, riot, create and live. I believe art will save us, eventually. If we keep on creating.

For this meme, I’d like to tag five different people, all unique artists in their own way (yeah, I know I was supposed to tag four…):

  • Max, from Portugal : Max has a fresh view on the world. From relationship to general human behavior, she observes us like a scientist in her lab and she always comes up with truly interesting posts. I don’t always agree with her, which makes her even more interesting !
  • Sir Jorge and his Video Store Blues is one of my favorite guys here in the blogosphere. What’s not to like in him ? He’s a truly nice guys, honest and creative, who tells of his daily life, ups and downs, lost – and found – hopes. I like his writing because he seems to be able to talk about anything so easily, and yet he always makes a point.
  • Keshi, author of Viva Forever… is a young woman living in Australia. She has a great personality which shows in her posts : always have a story to tell, and always funny, she’s a great artist with words !
  • I can’t help tagging Graham once again, but it’s because he totally fits here. His One Man’s Travel Blog is all I need to escape a bit. A great header, cool pictures, travel stories of a guy who want to travel more… sounds familiar to me !
  • Finally, I’d like to tag a new blog I’ve discovered lately : Dare To Achieve. From another immigrant to Canada, this blog tells of culture differences. Posts such as Small Talk means a lot to me, because he sees beyond cultural differences and present them really well. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this blog !

Since I’m a bit off-topic today, I’d like to take the opportunity to thanks two people (well, really, one person and one forum !) who really helped me with my WordPress debuts, Damn, WP can be tricky at first ! So a big thanks to :

  • Jack Boot : creator of template, he helped me once with a script on Blogger, and then with my template and my crazy ideas on WordPress.
  • Blog Forum : I’ve been disappointed many times with blog forums, since a lot of them are just about dropping a link and never coming back, but I had a great experience with Bloggeries. Not only the administrator lives in Ottawa (and we had great sushis together !) but he’s always ready to help, and so are the forums members. I got great tips there and I encourage you to have a look at it !

And last (I promise !) : I made a special pages for all the blogs I read everyday and love : The World. If you want to change the screenshot, correct anything, let me know. And if you want to be on this page… drop me a line !

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