The Last Four Things I Bought

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What did you buy today? I’m curious to find out! In this meme, you have to list four things you bought during a day.

This was Saturday for me and my wallet.

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

I Read The News Today...

The first thing I usually do in the morning is to buy the newspaper. I read the Globe And Mail and La Presse, a Quebec newspaper. I’m a news junkie, and I read the newspaper from start to finish. The only thing I skip is the sport section!

Along with my newspaper, I also bought some bus ticket for my morning trip to downtown. I hate not to have a sheet of bus tickets with me, because they are sometimes hard to find (not all convenience stores have them) and the fare is a dollar more if I pay the driver. I was lucky that day because I bought an “old” sheet of ticket. The price just raised on July 1st but you can use up your “old” tickets up to 2009 I think.

Some Roots Goodies...

Some Roots Goodies...

My second purchase of the day was at Roots, a popular Canadian brand. I went to the factory store, as it’s much cheaper, and bought a nice teeshirt for $12.99. I love Roots teeshirt. The quality is pretty good and the design doesn’t fade with time. Plus, they are conformable for the summer.

I haven’t bought much clothes this year but I was quite happy with this one… although it’s another teeshirt. Are you like me? I have so many tops but not that many skirts or pants. I guess tops almost always fit… whereas it’s just a pain to try on pants before finding a right one. And don’t get me started on low-rise pants… these ones drive me nuts.

Colorful Nails...

Colorful Nails...

Then, I bought some nail polish. In summer, I wear sandals everyday and I like colorful nails. I usually don’t bother to put nail polish on my fingernails because it wears off so quickly, but it lasts quite a while on my toenail, so it worth it. Plus, it’s fun.

Back in school, I used to do my nails quite often, sit in front of the T.V. I just don’t have time anymore… But I do take care good of my feet because I walk a lot. I hate it when women wear great shoes but have ugly neglected nails.

Pasta For Diner

Pasta For Diner

Finally, I stopped by the supermarket to pick up tonight’s diner. I bough some wholegrain pastas and some tomato sauce. I usually steam some veggies (zucchinis, peppers, onions, mushroom) and add the sauce last in the pan. I cook the pasta separately and pour the sauce over it. Add some parmesan and voilà! The whole thing takes about 25 minutes and it makes a great diner.

I try to cook as much as I can to avoid take out and junk food. I don’t spend much time in the kitchen but I know a few healthy & quick recipes.

Now, I’d like to you what you bought today! You can twist this meme as you like, there are no rules.

I’d like to tag a few great bloggers around the world, as I’m curious to see which kind of things you buy at home:

Have fun and… don’t spend too much!


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  1. So…that’s a bust ticket. I found 2 of those at work once, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I think we threw it in the garbage in the end.

    bluefishs last great read…Credit card theft

  2. … walks in, looks around, takes note of the surprised look on Zhu’s face … picks up his daily bagel and walks out.

    *waves on his way out the door*

  3. Hey so cool 😀 You tagged me and it has been a while so I’ll give it a thought.

    Most of the time during the week I grocery shop more than anything else so I’ll ‘pay attention’ to what I buy this weekend and I’ll keep you posted 😀

    I love pasta and mostly I see more of wheat spaghetti then wheat fusilli so I’ll check it out soon.

    Have fun shopping too Zhu 😀

  4. I heard about Roots. The olive Green is the new Tshirt right? Its a nice color 🙂

    And best compliments for those lovely legs Err nails 😀 Red color is suiting you the best.

    So looks like you had a shopping freak weekend 🙂 Looks like someone’s wallet is feather light now 😉

  5. Max Coutinho on

    Hey Zhu,

    I also hate it when women have neglected toenails and flaunt them in sandals *nodding*…not to mention crusty feet…
    That T-shirt is soo cool, I have never heard of roots before…now I will have to do some research on it.

    This is a cool meme, darling :D! And thanks for having tagged me; I will soon be taking some time off, so let’s see if I have the time to complete it before leaving…if not, I will complete it upon my return :D!


    Max Coutinhos last great read…Metaphysical Sex

  6. last 4 things I bought were:

    twinpack “vetetale” pizzas
    large bottle non cloudy style lemonade
    tin sardines
    oh yeah and 2 bags of… guess what? hmmm!!

  7. last four things i bought.
    1. wall street journal
    2. muffin, scrambled egg and coffee (breakfast)
    3. pralines and cream ice cream in a sugar cone from baskin-robbins (last night)
    4. gasoline for my car (grrr)

    i love your nail color, zhu.

    Seraphines last great read…Dolls Eyes

  8. I will be taking up that challenge for Renny and I in just a few minutes 🙂 Your dinner sounds good and healthy, keep away from that fast food, it’ll kill ya!! And your toes are just lovely 🙂

    DianeCAs last great read…Lazy Day Sunday!

  9. I’m glad you said Renny OR Diane and hope she makes up for your very nice Link Love!

    As to yours: Good girl saving your sheet of ticket 🙂

    Btw: An interesting meme thing and I do hope the other answer with a meme too as you really have spread them all over the world.

    RennyBAs last great read…Rainbow trout fish dinner delight

  10. Nice! Today I just went to get my VIA Rail Niagara Falls’s tickets, and bougth a prepaid Fido sin card. I guess that to list 4 items I would need to pick a weekend ^^

    Aiglees last great read…My family

  11. Froggywoogie on

    2 pants
    2 shirts
    1 jacket
    total price = €180

    I know it makes five items but it was a global purchase. I needed them. Not bad for that price but the cashier could have been nicer and type €001 instead lol

  12. Salut Zhu,
    It looks like I’m tagged !
    And I just came back from shopping too…I will post about what I bought in tomorrow’s post.
    You didn’t do too bad at all with your shopping; a little bit of everything in your shopping bag.

    See you soon.

    barbaras last great read…A story from my past life

  13. Today, nothing yet. Actually, most days I don’t buy anything, I work from home so less temptation! Yesterday we went grocery shopping so we could make veggie burgers, so 4 things would be barley, black-eyed peas, black beans and soy burger mix.

    LucyVets last great read…New Website Design Up!

  14. I’m so boring!

    -Black Tea Bags
    -Decaf Tea Bags
    -Waterbottles for my kids

    However, in the next few days I’ve got to buy school clothes, supplies, shoes, tennis shoes and coats for 3 of my kids, so it’s going to be busy. And costly. And still incredibly boring!

  15. 1. Cat food (always need cat food!)
    2. Cigs – yeah I know but I’m back at it again 🙁
    3. New sandals ($160 worth for only $30 Penney’s having a sale!)
    4. Some pants and shirts that I am going to take all back – got them home and hate them all LOL!

  16. @bluefish – Yep, these are Ottawa bus tickets.

    @Ghosty – Hey it’s been a while! You’re always welcome anytime 😉

    @shionge – Well, I’d be curious to see your shopping bag! I’m sure you have some exotic stuffs 😉

    @Spyder – Can I have the cookies, the chocolate and the flowers? You can keep the gum 😉

    @kyh – Used to be the same when I was a student. Now I care about boring things such as food and nail polish 😆

    @Annie – My wallet is extremely light 😆 I like Roots teeshirts, the color is nice usually. I always wear black but I’m trying to change.

    @Tom – And I’m surprised to see you have Roots in Japan! I had no idea. I didn’t know the brand before I came to Canada.

    @Max Coutinho – Anytime for the meme Max, no rush! I bet this nail polish would great on you too 😉

    @rattitude – Lucky you! I mean, lucky wallet… 😉

    @Gledwood – You don’t look like that in real life… just in my dreams 😆

    @Seraphine – I like your shopping, we have similar tastes! Especially for muffins…

    @DianeCA – Thanks for doing the meme, I’m always so curious to see how others people live.

    @RennyBA – I know deep down I had better chances with Diane — man are llousy when it comes to shopping! 😉

    @Aiglee – Going to Niagara again? That sounds like a cool purchase!

    @Froggywoogie – Man, you are a French guy! And nothing or the lady? No flowers, no café, no cigarettes?

    @Nigerian Entrepreneur – Thanks for visiting! Sounds like practical purchases.

    @Ulquiorra – Spoiled brat 😆

    @barbara – I’m usually not a big spender, this was my WE shopping. I’m more practical during the week.

    @LucyVet – Thanks for visting! Wow, nothing to buy? I don’t think that ever happened to me… but I work downtown, so nice shops are all around.

    @cchiovitti – Thanks for visiting! Not boring — practical. I should do that too! 😆

    @Jules – Thanks for visiting! I like these polish color. It’s bright enough but yet not “cheap” is you know what I mean.

    @Gina – Pastas are always my favorite 😉

    @Capy (Mark) – Sounds like work day purchases! How much was the gas? 😉

    @Joelle – And that sounds like “holiday” purchase!

    @Nards – Really? Wow, I envy you! I’m not a big spender but I buy stuffs everyday.

    @Diane Scott – I never have the guts (weird, I know) to take back the clothes I don’t actually like. Therefore, I only buy stuffs I’m 100% sure I’m gonna wear!

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