French Bakeries

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And that’s it… back to Canada. I’m glad it’s August and the weather will still be hot. It’s harder to come back from traveling when you are facing a total different climate, like we did last year, in March, from Buenos Aires to Toronto.

To close this French series, I wanted to make you drool. Yes, I’m sadistic.

I love French bakeries. There is one at every corner and they all carry fresh bread, croissants, pains au chocolat and pains aux raisin. They also have their specialties, from elaborate cakes to simple fruit pies. I don’t really have a favorite, it depends on my mood, I guess it would be between: raspberry chausson and éclair (long thin pastry made with filled with a cream and topped with icing)…. But trust me, they are all good!

See you guys in Canada!

You can follow our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).



French Bread

At the Bakery

Strawberry Pies


Éclairs et Religieuses

Fruit Pies


Rasberries Pie

Pains au Chocolat et Croissants

Pain au Chocolat aux Amandes

Pies and Cakes




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  1. Oh wow, your South American trip was just last year? It felt like it was ages ago, when I remembered your photos from Costa Rica to Ushuaia and back. And sadistic? Yes, like the marquis maybe? Except that I prefer sadism with food better.

  2. I so wanna boycott this after dark! I’m hungry now. 🙁

    ** psss I wanna taste all those delectable pastries and pies! *drools*

  3. THANK YOU for posting these amazing, amazing pictures. I’m drooling all over my computer! I miss French bakeries so much, but I can practically smell the fresh baguettes just from looking at these!

  4. Some of the pies and cakes looked familiar. However, they’re all delicious I guess. Looking at the cakes and pies didn’t make me drool but thinking about eating them did. Too bad for those who are planning to go on a diet.

  5. I love French bakeries too! You are right, your photos are making me drool! Your trip to London and France is awesome! The best of all is that you and Feng are taking us with you on your blog~~:)

  6. @Mark W – Sorry! Even I’m drooling looking back at the pics 😉 Can you recommend a good bakery in Ottawa?

    @Delph – Oups, désolée 😉

    @Ines – 😆

    @Tulsa Gentleman – I’m like you, I can pass on cakes but bread is very important.

    @RSA Course – Sorry! 😆

    @Lizz – Flan is nice, a bit like egg tarts.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Yes, we left in december 08 but came back in March 2009. It feels it was years ago to me…

    @Nigel – Yep, that’s me, the evil one 😆

    @kyh – You will have to travel to France, then!

    @expatraveler – Funny isn’t it! I didn’t gain any weight in France and trust me, I eat very well.

    @Soleil – If you want, you can even download the large version of the pics for additional torture. I have two of these in my kitchen, hung above the table.

    @Accounting – France is a not a country where people diet much I think, too many good stuff to try!

    @Celine – Thank you!

    @micki – Thank you so much! I enjoy sharing the pictures and stories, and it’s also motivating me to discover the world.

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