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Gardens of Versailles

We decided to visit Versailles, the royal palace in the suburb of Paris, 20 km away. We took the RER and arrived in the nice posh suburb.

Once we reached the doors of Versailles, we realized we were in trouble. The lineup was so long I couldn’t even find where it started. I asked how long it would take us to get tickets: at least 90 minutes. And to actually get into the Palace, we had to queue another 90 minutes. Feng walked around a bit as we tried to assess how to make the best out of the situation. I looked up at the Palace and I saw people on top of each other by the open windows. No way I’m queuing at least 3 hours for a rush visit.

Meanwhile, Feng discovered visiting the gardens was cheaper and there were only about four people in line for that. Deal.

We were not disappointed, the gardens were huge and beautiful. I wish most of the fountains had worked though, and I wish the French were better organized. Granted, this is high-season but we had no problem getting in London’s major attractions for instance, and they were as busy. And please, please, set up more than one toilet in Versailles. I mean, this is ridiculous…

You can follow our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).

Versailles Maze
Gold Fountain
Doors of Versailles
Park of Versailles
By the Water
Fountain Show
Greek Inspiration
Fleur de Lys
Golden Doors
Taking a Break
The Palace
Looking towards the Garden
The Palace

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