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G’Day, Sydney

On Monday night, we packed our bags again and returned to LAX to catch our flight to Sydney. The entire security process took about 5 minutes:no immigration control, no passport stamp, the bags were simply x-rayed and we didn’t have to go through the body-scanner non-sense. Morale of the story: getting into the U.S.A is hard but getting out is piece of cake.

At check-in, one of the Quantas employees had advised us to grab a bit before going to the waiting room because there wasn’t much past the security check-point. She was right: the empty hallways reminded me of a hospital and the gates had nothing but seats. It was just strange, I thought LAX was busier than that.

We had learned at the last minute that we wouldn’t fly the A380, considering all the recent security issues, and that we were switch to a Boeing 747. Planes are never really comfortable and I was somewhat anxious at the perspective of spending 15 hours over the Pacific Ocean— not that I’m scared of flying but time can drag on forever on-board. But hours went by very quickly. By the time we took off, it was already 11 p.m., and we both fell asleep after watching a couple of movies. I woke up when we went through very strong turbulences somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but I dozed on and off for about 8 hours.

When I woke up for good, I realized we were only a couple of hours from the coast of Australia and I sighed with relief. Almost there.

The immigration process was pretty straightforward at the airport, probably because we had applied for the Electronic Travel Authorization from Canada. However, all bags were checked for food products because Australia has strict quarantine laws and that took forever.

We were eventually cleared and walked out under a clear blue summer sky. Sydney, here we are!

(Not) Fresh of the Plane

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