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This is What a Giant Penis Looks Like

We’ve made all the jokes we could possibly make about the giant penis.

Now, we had to go see it at the Jardin des plantes. Nantes’ botanical garden is becoming one of Mark’s favourite hangout places because it has a big playground where he can throw sand with other toddlers being parented the French way (i.e. parents are smoking on the benches around the play area and kids roam around freely).

The entire botanical garden was buzzing with excitement: the rare event made headlines around the world and giant botanical penises are apparently popular. Maybe French women don’t get to see these too often. There was a huge lineup in front of the greenhouse and French are terrible at queuing: they don’t obey the rules, they skip lines, call twenty of their friends to join in right before being let in, push, etc.

Fortunately, this one was well managed. Groups of 12 people were let in for three or four minutes at the time, and the line was moving fairly fast. All in all, we only waited for about twenty minutes or so.

The plant was supposed to produce a “rotten meat” smell but I didn’t find it noticeable. Up close, it almost looked fake but it was certainly impressive.

I’m still glad I saw it as it is a rare event. The plant blooms every ten years and there are only two of the kind in France!

You can see the com­plete set of pic­tures taken in France on Flickr.

Titan's Arum
Titan’s Arum
Silly Ads Promoting the Event
Silly Ads Promoting the Event
Titan's Penis
Titan’s Penis
Titan's Penis
Titan’s Penis

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