Going, Going, Gone

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Packing Completed

Packing Completed

I had planned to write a great post about packing, but I was busy doing just that. Packing. Oh well. I bet half of you weren’t that interested in knowing how many underwear I was taking anyway (the answer is obviously seven).

I’m taking my big backpack, as usual, as well as a small shoulder bag. Nothing fancy but my whole life is in these bags, hence the two hours spent meticulously bagging, cleaning, checking and closing. Phew.

People have been asking me “have you packed already?” for at least two weeks. I replied very politely, “no, not yet” to most of them. But trust me, at the end, I was that close to yelling: “no I haven’t! How on earth can you pack weeks ahead? I’m a backpacker, not a fucking mover!“. Of course, I haven’t actually said that to anyone but I seriously wonder how can one pack that early. Don’t you use your toothbrush, your soap etc. until the morning you leave?

So we are leaving tomorrow morning. We have a long trip ahead of us and I should be getting some sleep but I’m way too nervous. Not scared. Nervous. I quit four days ago and I already feel like an outcast, in a nice kind of way. I don’t have a routine anymore and I don’t have a plan. We are free. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, it got really cold here, down to -15 today with a really bad windchill. I’m not going to miss the winter but I wonder how I will feel tomorrow when we arrive. I don’t think I have ever experienced such a temperature difference.

Anyway, I will be blogging regularly so stay tuned for news from Central America. Off to bed…

It was -20C today...

It was -20C today...

Shoveling snow

Shoveling snow

All cleared!

All cleared!


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  1. Enjoy your freedom! Let us know what happens, which of course you will. And I don’t even pack boxes for moving until the night ahead, so I don’t understand this packing for a trip weeks ahead.

    Ah freedom . . .

  2. Hey Zhu!

    Ah, packing…what a ritual: I never pack until the last moment (this has caused me the embarrassment of nearly missing my flight lol)!!

    “Don’t you use your toothbrush, your soap etc. until the morning you leave?” – LOL LOL LOL yes, I do!

    Oh my God…you left already! I wish you a extraordinary trip, and keep us posted :D!

    Man, it is cold there…you do well to go south, girl! At least it is much much warmer (I can’t stand winter)! We are lucky, here in Portugal, cause our winter is mild this year (for instance, today it is 16ºC – woohoo!)…

    Great pics, although chilly LOL!

    Have a fantastic trip, cherie!


  3. I got happy chills reading this. Knowning you’ll be posting regularly makes me feel as though I’m going with you (in a way). I can’t remember what real cold and snow feel like anymore, and I miss it from the warmth and sunshine of Miami. I’m sure I’d see it differently if I had to shovel and freeze my butt off waiting for my truck to heat up.

    I hope you have a safe and happy trip! I’ll look forward to your posts and pics!

  4. Hiya Zhu…..sorry I’ve been ‘away’ for such a long time and not been catching up with you. I’ll stay tune with you 🙂

    Yes I hate packing and usually I’ll pack days before the trip not weeks ahead for sure.

    Have a great time pal 😀

  5. Hey so finally off to get some warmth! Have good time and keep us posted!

    BTW you number of Undies shows how frequently you will have to laundry 😀

    Take care………….Enjoy!

  6. Salut to Zhu + her man !

    Sorry Zhu, that I’m a little late in catching the take off.
    Yeah; you are gone !!
    Have fun and stay healthy over there.
    I’am so looking forward to your posts because like for China, I have never traveled where you are going.

    Bye friends
    Bises xxx

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