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Good Luck Nobita, A New Cute Tee!

Good Luck Nobita Tee
Good Luck Nobita Tee

Note: this sounds like a sponsored article but it’s not. No one paid me or offered me anything to take this awkward pose with my new tee. I know—sad, isn’t it!

T-shirts have always been my favourite item of clothing. They are usually cheap, they are comfortable, they can be stylish, silly or plain, and they are very forgetful—t-shirts pretty much always fit no matter your size, your weight or your body shape.

I have a pretty impressive collection of t-shirts, from oversized bands and political tees I use for sleeping shirts to more trendy ones in smaller “girly” sizes I love to wear with a nice pair of jeans (a pair of jeans that fits perfectly is my second favourite item of clothing, but they are rarer than a unicorn!).

I fuel my t-shirt addiction at places like RW&Co, Old Navy or Winners. T-shirts are also one of the few things I buy online, and I often shop at Threadless where I find cool designer tees at good prices. The quality is great too, I’ve had their tees for years and they still look great despite being worn and washed very often.

I’m a bit picky when it comes to tees, though. I stay away from those displaying a brand prominently (I’m not a walking advertisement board unless you pay me to wear your shit!). I don’t like paying high shipping fees—a $10 tee is not a bargain when shipping and handling is another $10. And I want tees that fit well—what, I have boobs to show!—not your shapeless oversized t-shirt designed for guys.

After I had Mark, I felt like shopping again. I was sick and tired of all the clothes I wore when I was pregnant and I was ready for something new. Maybe it’s part of my “identity crisis,” or maybe it’s a natural reaction after baking a baby for nine months, who knows. I wanted to splurge on myself and feel good in my clothes.

But lately, I haven’t found any inspiring designs on Threadless. So I subscribed to Day of the Shirt, a website aggregating limited-edition designer t-shirt sales from different popular stores. After a couple of weeks, I finally found a design that caught my eye: “Good Luck Nobita” by designer Jeda, available on Unamee. Doraemon is a robotic cat, displayed here in a cartoonish way like maneki-neko, a common Japanese lucky charm. These “fortune cats,” beckoning with an upright paw, are usually displayed at the entrance in shops, restaurants, etc., in Asia. The characters say “welcome luck” (in Chinese anyway, I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know if these kanjis have a different meaning—hopefully not!). The perfect design for our multicultural household!

Ordering on Unamee was pretty straightforward. The tee was $10 and delivery to Canada, and taxes and delivery brought the total to just under $17, which is still reasonable. I paid with my PayPal account and I didn’t even have to create an account, I was able to use the guest checkout—bonus points for that, I’m sick and tired of registering on various websites just to browse or buy something.

I ordered the tee on April 2 and it was delivered on April 15—not bad! The envelope contained the folded tee and an invoice, that’s it. No note, no coupons (okay, I didn’t really expect anything!). The fabric of the tee was soft and pretty thick, good quality here. The colour (a deep navy blue) is nice and the design was printed correctly.

I ordered the smaller girl size, “S”, and it is still a bit too large for me. It fits well but it doesn’t have a close fit. Better a bit too big than too small though!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with that new tee and with Unamee. If another of their limited-edition tees catches my eye, I will definitely order from them again.

How about you? Got any funky tees websites to share? Where do you shop? What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Good Luck Nobita Tee
Good Luck Nobita Tee
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