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Green Day In Ottawa

On Friday night, we headed to Kanata for the Green Day concert. It had been a while since we last saw a live show… Since August last year and the Radiohead concert in Montreal. And best of all, I somehow managed to sneak my Nikon D-60 in.

I remember listening to Green Day when I was in junior high, back in the nineties. I had a tape of Dookie and we would try to understand the lyrics of Basketcase… I like the late American Idiot album too.

The show was just great. The band had a lot of energy: “This ain’t TV,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shouted. “Get off your fucking asses.” He had a little kid on stage to perform a preaching trick, a guy and a girl to sing his song and he even lent his guitar. He soaked the crowd with water, fire some toilet paper and threw tee shirts with a gun. The stage was on fire most of the time, with great pyrotechnics effects.

My ears are still ringing but never mind, it was fun.

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