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Have You Eaten Yet?

1511672348_6c59c7d7ea“The idea is to work your way through the eight phases of the dinner party, answering all of the questions on the way – being as honest and creative as you wish. Once your homework has been completed, please nominate any number of bloggers to host their very own “virtual” dinner party.”

Thanks Graham for this food meme ! So let’s try to feed our English guy’s imagination. And if you haven’t visited his On Man’s Travel Blog, go now ! The food will wait… it’s not like I’m gonna be on time anyway!

1) The Dinner Party Theme

You have decided to hold a dinner party. When writing the invites you clearly state that fancy dress must be worn. Assuming that cost is no issue, who or what would you dress up as, and why?

I’d tell everyone to dress warm. Because after all, it’s October and this is Canada. And mostly because I’d love to host a diner in an igloo! Sounds crazy? Well, not really actually. I’ve read somewhere that even though it might be down to -30C outside, temperature inside may be as “high” as 17C when warmed by body heat alone.

So we would all be seating on the ground, wrapped in colorful blankets and there would be a fire somewhere. Although we have to make sure it doesn’t melt the snow… nah, I’ll research that beforehand !

2) The Invitations

This dinner party is for 6 people (including yourself), you are allowed to invite any 5 other people (either past, present, real or fictional), who would you invite and why?

My guest list would include :

  • The Pink Floyd, Manu Chao, Lou Reed and Thom Yorke : for nice-yet-not-to-loud music and great discussions about their inspiration and life experiences
  • The Subcommandante Marcos, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong : it’s a unique chance to finally understand them! Although we might require subtitles… oh well.
  • Friends from all over the world. I’d love to see a multicultural diner, where each continent and as many cultures would be represented. Like the UN but funnier.

Should be fun!

3) The Starter

You are preparing the menu, which dish(es) would you choose as the starter, and why?

Okay, first of all, I have to warn you : you are going to be disappointed because of my lack of Frenchy-ness when it comes to food. Truth is, I like all kind of cuisines but French isn’t my favorite. Yes Graham, I’m not a frog-leg person, nor a snail eater, nor a weird-animals-parts eater. Sorry. I hope you haven’t chocked on your fish & chips.

So, as a starter, I’d serve:

  • Veggies and some hummus dip
  • A minestrone soup
  • A few Chunjuan (spring rolls – yes, I make these myself !)

But this is just the beginning…

4) The Main Course

Okay, now for the main course? and what drink would you serve with it?

I like the Chinese way of eating where there are quite a few dishes, small quantities of each. So, I’ll serve:

  • Some fine Italian raviolis (filling would red pepper, spinach and feta)
  • Roasted potatoes with basil and fine herbs
  • Stir-fried veggies cooked in coconut milk
  • Pacific salmon with lemon and butter sauce
  • BBQ chicken with salsa

Have a smoke, relax, the desserts are coming!

5) The Sweet

Finally, the sweet. Which would you choose, and why?

Same here, you would have a bit of each flavor:

  • Yogurt and honey
  • A rich chocolate mousse
  • Some coconut bread

Now, let’s have fun!

6) The Entertainment

The dinner party has gone swimmingly, everybody has had fun, conversation and drinks have been flowing all evening. At the end of the meal you announce that everybody should perform their ‘party piece’ (no matter how strange or pointless). What party piece would you perform?

I’m sure we would have plenty to talk about, but I’d like to ask people to bring their favorite book and read a few pages from it. I by chance one of us can play the guitar (and that won’t be me, I’m telling ya!), we would all sing, no matter how bad we can be – as long as the spirit is here!

7) The End Of The Evening:
The party is over, everybody has gone home, the house suddenly feels empty and quiet. Your eyes fix on the hi-fi in the corner of the room. You search through your CD collection to put on some music as you want to listen to one more track before your retire to bed. Which track would you play?

I’d play the following songs:

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond by the Pink Floyd
  • Karma Police by Radiohead
  • Sounds Of Silence by Simon And Garfunkel
  • Soledad by the Mano Negra

Some good songs…

8) The Dinner Party Nightmares

Okay, so the “virtual” dinner party is over. Now for the real thing. Have you ever been to or hosted a dinner party during which something has gone wrong (either with the food, a guest or something else)?

To be honest, I haven’t hosted a diner party in… years. We usually go to restaurant, cafés, park etc. I can’t really remember anything going wrong… I mean, the usual. Realizing the gas tank is empty and sleeping on the beach because well, there’s no gas station anywhere close and come to think of it we’re in the middle of nowhere (that was back in France). Not being able to find the way home because apparently, the food got us high (that and other stuffs I guess to be honest). Burning the food and ending up with take outs. Locking ourselves out. The usual, right?


So, I’d like to tag a few people here for this meme:

  • Shionge and her So Shiok…! (she has some cool pictures of Asian dishes once in a while!)
  • Traveller’s Tales is a blog I recently start reading. Would be perfect for this meme!
  • Tunneling thru’ is a new blog in my RSS feed, but it looks very promising. Made me laugh right away, so I’d be curious to see what she comes up with for this meme!
  • Aiglee and her A New Life In Canada : she looks like the kind of person who throw great diner party!

Have fun !

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