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Hockey Day In Canada

What’s more Canadian than hockey? And what’s more Canadian than going to play outside in subzero temperatures?

Last Saturday, Hockey Day In Canada took place throughout the country. You basically had two option: 1) the lazy option, which was to watch the tripleheader of NHL action featuring the six Canadian teams on T.V 2) the brave option, which was to take your gear and go play hockey in the street.

In Ottawa, people hit the outdoor skating rinks, located in community centers and parks. The weather was beautiful (read: sunny) but it was also one of the coldest day of the year, with an average of — 30C. In case you are not familiar with these kinds of temperature, I’d translate that to you as “can not stand outside more than ten minutes without freezing to death”.

Enjoy the picture of Canada’s beloved sport: I froze my fingers for them! You can see the full set of pictures here.

Hockey Bus on the Freeway
Hockey Sticks
Ready To Shoot
On Break
Got The Puck
Fighting For The Puck
Training To Shot
Training To Shot
Big Goalie
Little Goalie
Hockey Helmet
Running on Ice (For when you don't have skates...?)

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