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Hockey Night

You won’t see my blogging about sports a lot. This is one of these “momentary lapse of reason” moment. Yes, I admit it, I’m not a sports person. Baseball bores me to death (and I don’t understand the lingo), American football is annoying after ten minutes spent watching guys headbutting each other and to me, soccer means hooligans and Kronenburg cans thrown at the referee. And I’m not even going to mention golf, curling or one of these “watching the grass grow” sports.

But hockey is hockey. I like it. I like the speed of the game, the players teethless grin, the old rivalries and the excitement of seeing the puck going into the net.

Weird, eh ?

Last week, I went to see the last pre-season game : the Ottawa Senators vs. the Montreal Canadiens. Lots of fun, especially we were right on the ice. Which of course led to the irrational fear that I would get hit by a loose puck. I didn’t.


Canadians love their game, but the whole atmosphere is surprisingly friendly. Toronto is hated by everyone — hence the “Toronto sucks” jerseys wore by die-hard fans — but no hard feeling here : it’s a game. I remember the soccer games back in France where the anti-riot cops have to be there during the whole game to prevent fans to go crazy… Canadians’ passion is much more peaceful .

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The game was great. Ottawa won — of course.

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