Holiday Gifts for Everyone in the Office

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The change in leaves came and went, the left-over turkey is all gone, and as we emerged from our Thanksgiving food comas, we began immediately thinking about holiday shopping. Maybe you were among the brave-hearted and fought the tryptophan-induced tiredness to head to the mall for those door-buster deals. Perhaps you aligned with the growing community of e-shoppers and took care of your entire Christmas list from the comfort of your PJs. Or, if you’re like most of us, life got in the way, and now you find yourself in a mad dash to pick out the perfect presents. While your children may be (relatively) easy to shop for, and you know your husband’s taste like the back of your hand, there’s always one domain that leaves you scratching your head for ideas: the office.  Shopping for folks at work presents a two-fold challenge: you might not know the people that you work with all that well (despite spending 5 days a week with them), and you need a gift that’s not too intimate but not too impersonal. It’s a fine line to walk. But if you keep this shopping guide in your arsenal, finding gifts for everyone in the office – from bosses to colleagues and beyond – will be no challenge at all.

  • Faux-foliage. Is there a receptionist in your office who’s the backbone of your company? I mean let’s face it, who else is going to help you escape those dreadful phone calls? Put a smile on your receptionist’s face while brightening the office décor with creative stationary that looks like green blades of grass or fresh flowers. They’ll definitely notice the next time someone tries to walk away with their pen.

  • 5-in-1 Tool Pen. Who’s that guy in your office who always hangs the picture frames, stables uneven chairs, and fixes any small maintenance necessity? He deserves a better pen. Give him a pen that can do much more than write. Check out Brookstone’s pens that double as a ruler, leveler, screwdriver, and stylus. Trust us, he’ll never put it down.


  • Bottle Opener. We all know the most important thing in your desk drawer: a bottle opener. Somehow each office happy hour these trusty tools seem to wander off. Give your favorite drinking partner an opener for a cheap and easy gift – but make sure you know where they stash it next time you’re in need!


  • Corporate Wine Gifts. If you really want to impress the office, consider getting everyone a delectable bottle of vino. Don’t break the bank on high-end labels (and don’t cheap out on those $4 bottles, either). If you’re purchasing more than six bottles, take advantage of the discounts provided for corporate wine gifts here. You can even engrave your company’s logo or a sweet holiday message on the glass!

  • Okay, but not just any calendar. Keep track of dates with some pizazz. Did you know that they make calendars out of bubble wrap?! Who doesn’t love the sweet satisfaction of popping bubble wrap? This is a gift everyone in the office can enjoy. Place it in the break room and let people take turns – or fight over – the opportunity to pop each passing day.


  • Gift Basket. These presents never go out of style, plus they’re great for the person on your list who you don’t know so well. Everyone will surely appreciate a basket of savory sweets and treats (or fruit if you want to be healthy, but let’s not kid ourselves). Take your choice between cookies, chocolates and cheeses and have your gift basket sent straight to the office to save yourself a step.


  • Coffee or Tea. Make Monday mornings a little more bearable by giving your coworker some much needed caffeine. It sounds simple, but this present affords a lot of creativity. Pick out an assortment of Keurig pods, put their favorite bag of grinds in a cute mug, or give them a gift certificate to their favorite coffee joint. Next time they need a pick-me-up they’ll be sure to thank you.

Spread a little Christmas cheer to the people you work with using our office gift guide! Your coworkers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and it’ll make you feel good to give, too.


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