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We didn’t sleep much on Saturday night and getting up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday was brutal. I can barely remember what we did at the Ottawa airport, but we must have got it right because we landed in Toronto at 8 a.m., transferred to another flight and landed in Los Angeles six hours later.

Okay, allow me my two minutes rant about airport security: it’s so bloody stupid and annoying! In Ottawa, we had to go thought the full body scanner. In Toronto, we had to claim our luggage, go through security a second time and check in again, even though we didn’t leave the airport. I took my shoes and belt three times in total, and emptied the content of my bag twice. But on the other side, immigration control was pretty lax and our passports weren’t even stamped. Go figure. In LAX, the luggage claim area is two meters from the airport door and people can come and go as they please. Weird.

Oh, one small rant about Air Canada too: on the flight from Ottawa to Toronto, we had drinks and cookies, but on the flight from Toronto to Los Angeles we had to buy food on-board! I had never seen that before. Seriously, it was a 6-hours flight, food should have been free…
I stepped outside at LAX and immediately noticed three things: 1) So many cars! 2) So warm! 3) It felt and smelled like in Latin America, probably because of the ocean. I loved it.

Once in L.A, we rented a car and drove up to Hollywood. This was high on my to-do list and after all, we only had 24 hours in L.A.

Here are a few shots… More about Los Angeles later, but for now we have to head to Sydney!

Above the Grand Canyon

Approaching Los Angeles

Above L.A

Ethical Drugs in Korea Town

Hollywood Blvd Neighborhood

Airport Blvd at LAX

On Top of Hollywood Hill

The Observatory

On Top of L.A

Los Angeles

The Iconic Hollywood Sign


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  1. Wow, you’re in LA! I’ve only been to Los Angeles when I was a toddler, so no memories at all. It’s not high on my destinations list, but still, I would love to go sometime. Enjoy the rest of your trip and always blog on the road! We’ll be following you!

  2. Yooohoooo Zhu, in Hollywood!!!! I can see that you are packing it in all within 24 hours and this is absolutely exciting 😀

    Airport security, what I can I say except that sometimes it all depends who is the one working on shift on that day 🙂

  3. Why the different airports have such different procedures on security baffles me.

    Looking at your shots from the Hollywood Hills I’m struck by how clear the skies area. Going into LA off and on since the 70’s I can see how all the air emissions rules have cleared up the sky. There used to be the yellowish grayish smog all the time.

  4. Wow, welcome to LA! I was in the Griffifth Observatory 2 weeks ago. If you guys do get a chance to stop by LA again when you return, try to be there again during and after dusk to see the whole LA at night~~

  5. It amazes me that L.A. seems so deserty from above! Earthy tones and hues. I always have in mind that the city is as bustling as a typical American town.

  6. Thank you all for your travel wishes and for your comments! I suck at replying these days because I’m trying to…er… enjoy the beach. 🙂

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