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How PayPal Revolutionized Online Gambling

From a historical perspective, it’s useful to look at how PayPal revolutionized online gambling. PayPal has truly revolutionized the majority of transactions and activities on the Internet, in fact. However, it really is difficult to imagine online gambling in particular without PayPal.

Only the original online casino gaming fans will really remember online casino gaming in a world before PayPal. Online casino gaming began in 1994. PayPal was established in the year 1998, and it went public in the year 2002. This means that there was a brief period of time where people made bets online without the use of PayPal.

Making bets in this manner was significantly more difficult than it is today. After all, PayPal is such a convenient online payments system. Online casino gaming in general was much riskier in the 1990’s than it is today. The fact that people didn’t have modern PayPal made everything more difficult. PayPal has a lot of security features that were lacking in the early methods that people used in order to make bets and accept their winnings. People who might have become interested in online casino gaming avoided doing so during this time period.

PayPal really made its world debut with eBay. In the early 2000’s, PayPal helped to revolutionize eBay, giving people the chance to use PayPal payments in eBay auctions. Before that point, people actually had to mail checks in order to buy things on eBay. Buyers and sellers would sometimes make other payment arrangements that were even less convenient and secure than that. PayPal absolutely made everything easier in the context of online auction bidding. It made online casino gaming easier in the same way.

It’s hard to imagine Ontario Online casinos and other casinos without PayPal these days. There are other payment methods available as well, of course, but a lot of people prefer the convenience of PayPal. PayPal also has more protections against various forms of identity theft, and people will not get that same level of protection with many other online payment methods.

PayPal has ultimately made it easier for people to conduct financial transactions online in a casual manner. Most of the previous methods would all involve very careful planning. People would also be concerned about checks getting lost in the mail. Transferring money from one PayPal account to the next is always going to be much easier than sending a check in the mail. Paying for something with PayPal is often easier than paying for something with a credit card, in fact.

Most people today are used to a version of the Internet where everything is extremely user-friendly in every way. They’re used to being able to do almost everything quickly online. Making a website is easy today. Making payments online can be done instantaneously today. PayPal was a strong contributor to the current Internet environment. The Internet itself became much more accessible to everyone in more ways than one throughout the 2000’s, and PayPal was very much part of that. PayPal helped make online casino gaming more mainstream as well.