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How to Build an International Online Community

Travel might not be something that’s accessible to you at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with people all over the world in fun and unique ways. There are so many online platforms that provide endless ways to interact and meet people who both already share common interests with you, and who might even be able to expand your idea of what is possible. One of the most important things to keep in mind if you really want to take advantage of what the internet has to offer you socially is that you need to get creative. Nine times out of ten, trying something new will offer a big payoff. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Join an online gaming community

The world of online gaming is probably so much more diverse than you’ve ever imagined. Although there is definitely the more traditional video gaming crew, there are also all sorts of online gambling communities and even platforms that allow you to play virtual board games with anyone, anywhere. Have you ever felt like you might want to play and win money online? You can check out an online casino that offers dynamic chat platforms and allows different players to interact. It is just like standing around a roulette table at a real casino.

Check out Facebook groups for something you love

Maybe you’re a woman who loves road cycling, but struggle to find other female riders in your local community? You’ll likely be shocked and delighted at the extensive support community you can find online. In addition to potentially finding other riders who live nearby that you could potentially go for rides with, you’ll have access to a whole group of people who share something you’re passionate about and whom you can ask for advice, support, or simply to share in your athletics accomplishments. There’s an active online community for pretty much every hobby you can imagine, so take a look around and see what you can find.

Image via https://minsh.com/community-building/ultimate-checklist-build-online-community/

Rate and review places you’ve been

Online review platforms like Tripadvisor are also great places to meet people. Whether you’re looking for advice about a new place to eat in town, or are trying to plan your next vacation, there is a super active community of people who love sharing tips and advice and warning you about things and places that might not live up to the hype. Although you might live in different continents, being able to share advice about the place you call home in a great way to connect. Be sure to thank anyone who provides a particularly helpful piece of advice, and share photos from your experience. People love helping out and it will make for a memorable encounter.

Start your own group

If you have a specific group in mind but can’t find anything that already exists like it online, start your own! Building an online community is a fun and easy way to connect with people who care about the same things you do and want to talk about it. Whether you start a group on Facebook, start building a following on Instagram, or invest your time on Pinterest, there are plenty of readily accessible ways to start sharing content and connecting today.