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How to celebrate Halloween online

It’s that time of the year again where most people are fussing about finding the perfect Halloween costume or being invited to the best party they could possibly get their hands on. But very few are considering how to spend this very interesting holiday online, either alone or with their friends.

The truth about Halloween is that it’s not necessarily something that requires dressing up and leaving the house. It’s a holiday that everybody can enjoy regardless of what tools they use. Therefore, considering the millions of articles out there about how to spend Halloween the best way outside of the house, why not consider ways of having fun on your own at home?

Let’s look at the best ways of spending Halloween online, be it on social media, or just movie streaming websites and platforms.

Watch spooky movies

We can’t deny that Halloween is the best time to be watching any kind of movie channel as it’s the time where all the horror and thriller classics come back again. Sure the internet era has gifted us with the ability to watch any movie at any time, but Halloween seems like the perfect time to watch that movie you were terrified to look at as a kid.

Maybe it still has that terrifying effect as it did all those years ago? Or maybe it hasn’t really aged well and is nothing but a goofy reiteration of a novel written centuries ago? All it takes is to simply lay back on your couch with the candies you were going to hand out to trick or treaters, and enjoy the entertainment value of classic cinema.

What’s the best part about this Halloween though is that it’s on a Thursday night, meaning that there’s a high chance that your supervisors have given you the day off on Friday. Watching “sleep depriving” movies should not be an issue as you won’t have to wake up early in the morning and wash your costume off.

Might we also add that watching Zombie movies has the best effect? All it takes is to look outside after finishing the movie to see people dressed as actual zombies roaming the streets and pretending to scare people.

It really helps with immersion.

Play Halloween themed casino games

Movies may not be your thing, everybody has their own ways of having fun during a holiday and nobody’s judging you for that. Maybe you prefer to play a game as it has a lot more interaction and bring in more of that tense feeling during gameplay.

Why? Because it’s a lot more unpredictable, and having the luxury of choice in some games can add a lot more suspense to what may happen later. The desire to avoid any type of fear adds to the weight of the thrill should it happen unexpectedly.

However, games are a bit less scary in a sense, because the player tends to be in control of the situation, and we all know that whenever we don’t have control, it’s all the scarier for us.

However, there are other game types that people tend to enjoy online, even if they don’t have to truly interact with anyone else.

It sometimes comes in the form of a platformer or even more bizarre, Halloween themed slots games that people tend to go for. Not only do players incorporate the feeling of terror during a Halloween night, but also the feeling of chance, as some slots are designed to somehow scare you if your attempt was unsuccessful.

These types of casino games are usually only available during Halloween, so staying home and playing them isn’t necessarily a bad idea after all. Look at it from this perspective. You’ll be saving yourself and your liver quite the ordeal if you simply stay at home and entertain yourself with the games people have been designing for years.

Incorporate terror with comedy

Okay, let’s say that you don’t really like movies or games on a day like Halloween. Let’s say that you prefer to still communicate with people, but not necessarily do so through physical interaction and presence.

Well, the best platform to do so is to participate in Spooktober. Yes, that’s right, it’s actually a thing. Where is it a thing? Reddit of course.

A couple of Subreddits where people gather to create and laugh at memes, the month of October and especially October 31st is dedicated towards spooky memes.

What are memes you may ask? Well, they’re just a picture that may represent some kind of emotion with a few lines of text to accompany for explanation. But remember, the true experts are able to decipher memes without the added text.

Therefore, if you prefer to interact with people, but rather do it online on Halloween, Reddit could be the best place to do so, because you can not only consume content with other people but create it as well.

Make sure to keep the spooky vibe with your memes in order to milk everything out of this specific day, as November calls for the end of Spooktober and the transition to non-spooky memes.

If you’re still clueless about what a spooky meme is, we suggest just adding some random text to a picture of a skeleton, it’s guaranteed to help with some traction, and thus interact with other Redditors.

It may be easy, but at least it’s fun.

Is that it?

There are definitely a lot more ways you can spend Halloween online this year, but the three mentioned above are probably the ones that guarantee at least some fun. You can also use things such as live chatting websites, but those have the tendency of being “indecent” at best. But if you’re lucky, you may find people in Halloween costumes that could inspire your future designs.

Overall, there’s more than enough to do online nowadays, and spending Halloween is definitely no exception.