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How to live the UK on the road: tips and tricks for your British adventure!

What we love more than a trip is to have the opportunity to travel entire countries by car—discovering them step by step, surprise after surprise. And it is precisely in this way that we have travelled through everything (or almost) the United Kingdom. In this post, we would like to try to give you a series of practical advice and information on how to embark on a road trip in the UK. Let’s begin!

Rent the car in advance If you do not arrive on the British island with your car (or motorbike, or camper, or whatever you prefer) you will need to rent one.

So what is the best procedure to rent a car in the UK? Everything is really very simple, even if it is always necessary to pay attention to the various companies that still tend to charge unsolicited services—thus trying to cheat the customer especially if this is foreign or not very skilled with the English language.

How to do find a reliable car hire service? My advice is always to compare the various prices online and therefore evaluate the option that best meets your needs. Among the best companies we have trusted, excellent for assistance and quality/price ratio, this is the best website to hire a car: convenient, easy to use and absolutely stress-free.

NEVER forget an old-fashioned paper map  I have always been a supporter of travelling, getting lost in the beauties of every place, but when travelling along unknown roads in unknown countries it is always better to rely on a map. Your smartphone is not enough. Often the maps of the various applications are not updated, not to mention that—if you are not relying on an offline service—there are few areas where the internet coverage will allow you to use the service.

How to find the right accommodation  The best places to stay are the classic Bed and Breakfast where you can really breathe the English spirit. As you can imagine though, the costs compared to those of a hostel are higher. The choice is very personal and depends, as well as on the budget, also on the type of traveller and, for example, if you are young with a limited budget and in the company of friends, low cost is always the best choice—so book hostels.

Where to eat while road-Tripping With the abundant English breakfast that is served in the morning in the B & B, you have autonomy for a nice piece of the day. A method that we have adopted to save money, given that food also has a large impact on travel costs, has been to keep stocks in the car: snacks, granola bars, some water and things like that were a complete life and budget saviour!