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How To Work Temporarily In Canada (2/10)

Welcome To Canada! Welcome to my new “How To… Canada” series! In this series, I’ll try to put my knowledge to good use and shed some light on my new country: Canada. You will learn how some immigration tips and tricks, how to improve your proficiency in both official languages, how to find a job, how to settle in Canada etc. I’ll publish a new “How To… Canada” post every Saturday.

Feel like checking out Canada before immigrating? Or just want to experience working abroad? Let’s have a look at how you can work temporarily in Canada. And luckily, you have a few options. You can either:

Let’s be honest: obtaining a work permit for Canada can be quite tricky. Indeed, you will most likely (90% of the time) apply from outside Canada. But to be eligible to apply, you must provide a job offer from a Canadian employer… and of course, contacting employers from abroad, without a work permit is tough. Plus, the employer will need to get a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), to confirm that the employer can fill the job with a foreign worker (i.e to avoid an impact on Canadian job-seekers).

Unless Canada really needs you, the process can be extremely frustrating. Right now, three special categories enjoy an easier process because of the critical shortage: live-in caregivers, business people and information technology workers.

Remember that work permits are not immigration documents. Your work permit will include the type of work you can do, the employer you can work for and for how long. Should your employer let you go, you may have to go home… and it does happen. North American’s job market is extremely flexible and here, no job is forever!

You can download the application for a work permit and all the informations on the CIC website.

Another interesting option, providing you meet the requirements, is the working holiday visa program (WHV). It targets young people who wish to travel and work in Canada. Currently, it is required to:

The maximum validity of an employment authorization issued under this program is usually 12 months. The additional requirements vary from country to country. With a working holiday visa, you may not apply for social benefits and you will have to buy your own health insurance.

Applying for a WHV is usually pretty easy and done with minimum hassle. However, the number of places are limited yearly through a quota system and it comes on a first come, first serve basis. I have personally never heard of a WHV being denied: your biggest issue could be the quota system. These days, a lot of people apply for the WHV (to my knowledge, especially French, British, Australians and Kiwis) and it’s common to apply about a year before you actually go to Canada.

The working holiday visa program is a great way to discover Canada and can be your first step towards immigration, as you may apply for permanent residence once in Canada.

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Hope to see you soon in Canada! And as usual, I will try my best to answer any question you may have.

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