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Ice Carvers At Work

Winterlude, Ottawa’s annual winter festival, started last week-end. It’s very cold and sunny right now in the nation capital and for once, no ones complains about it. Cold weather means that the Rideau Canal Skateway is open and that Winterlude’s ice and snow sculptures won’t melt.

On Friday, I went to observe the ice carvers at work in Confederation Park. Huge chunks of ice were being delivered and given to 35 carvers from 10 different countries. The teams quickly drew a sketch of their idea on a sheet of paper and started to work. The tools? Chainsaws, chisels and grinding tools — carving ice isn’t easy. The ballet of gloved hands cutting, carving, sculpting and polishing was fascinating as masterpieces were coming to life right in front of my eyes.

Curious to see the final results? In a couple of days!

You can see the full set of the pictures taken during Winterlude 2010 here.

Making a Tiger
Fine Details

Ice Delivery
So, What's The Plan?
Ice Looks Heavy
Cutting Ice
Canadian Chainsaw Massacre?
Cutting Ice
The Tools
One of the Artists

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