Ice Sculptures At Confederation Park

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And here are some of the sculptures that are at Confederation Park during Winterlude. The ice carvers did a pretty good job in my opinion… amazing what you can do with a few blocks of ice and a chainsaw!

Taking pictures of ice sculptures is pretty challenging though. First, the park was crowded and just getting close to the works was hard. Then, ice reflects the light and needs to be contrasted with a darker background to be seen better. Finally, when you are holding a maple toffee in your right hand, holding the camera becomes quite difficult… especially if said maple toffee is starting to melt on your fingers. What? I have to enjoy a treat for being outside when it’s –15C!

You can see the full set of the pictures taken during Winterlude 2010 here.

Winterlude - Bal de Neige

Even the Posts are Made of Ice


Detail of the dragon

Dragons Kissing

Pushing the Earth






The Ying and Yang

Dragon Head


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  1. That’s really neat! We just went to the winter festival here in Toronto and I was a bit disappointed with the ice sculptures. There were only 4 or 5 and only one was really worth looking at. Someday we’ll make it to Winterlude! 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  2. it must be wonderful to see those sculptures in person, although your photos of them are quite fine. it’s amazing that some of the sculptures are so intricate. it must be a fun craft to learn.

    heh. i didn’t know maple toffee melted at -15 degrees.
    you could probably suck on your thumb and get the same flavor
    after the toffee has melted into nothingness.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..Name Brand Placebo =-.

  3. @Agnes – Living in a cold place has its perks 😉

    @Brenda – Really? No, Winterlude in Ottawa has tosns of sculptures… you’d like it!

    @Sidney – I know! So many details… and yet, done with a chainsaw 😆

    @Beth – The sword is super cool, it’s original.

    @Yogi – I’m always amazed too… must be very dificult!

    @Khengsiong – Not sure actually because the park is pretty dark. Some are lit at night but not the ones I shot.

    @Lizz – Yes, this one is one of my favorite too. Ice is a great material for sculptures!

    @Nigel – The ice carvers are gifted this year.

    @micki – Yes, they did: less than a day I believe, it was a matter of hours (12 maybe… I forgot).

    @Seb – The dragon head was scary!

    @London Caller – I’ll go to Harbin one day… I have heard the art is huuuge! But it’s even colder than Canada.

    @Seraphine – Well, me neither! What happened is, the maple toffee is covered with snow, and the snow melt even though it was so cold. And of course, the snow was sticky… and I had to rush to the bathroom to clean up 😆

    @Alexander – Thank you! It was definitely something to see.

    @Crikette – Thank you! Did you attend Winterlude when in Ottawa?

    @Khatia Caroline – I would have loved to see that! I missed it, I was taking pics on the Québec side.

  4. Salut Zhu,

    Congrats to the intrepid photographer for braving the crowds,the cold and.. maple toffee in her second hand . Ha !!

    The end result was worth it.
    I agree; the clearness is beautiful but is not always easy without a backdrop.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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