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I’m Leaving Brazil With…

  • A new swimsuit I bought at the night market in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. A very lucky pick for 50 reais ($13), especially considering I couldn’t try it on!
  • 4 tweezers, a pack of two I bought in São Paulo and two that were given to me after a depilação session.
  • 3 panties because Brazil does panties very well.
  • A 30 reais ($8) Pink Floyd t-shirt bought at the Galeria do Rock in São Paulo.
  • A $2 white “New Year” cropped top bought in Catete, Rio de Janeiro. I’m still wearing because I love the cut.
  • Cream, mascara and lipstick from the Brazilian makeup brand Quem Disse, Berenice?
  • A half-empty tube of Aloe Vera after-sun gel bought in Florianópolis at the pharmacy for 15 reais ($4). It worked amazingly well, no peeling!
  • 3 good-luck stones bought in Libertade, São Paulo’s “Little Tokyo.”
  • A spoon and a hairbrush bought at Miniso, a Chinese low-cost retailer with tons of stores in São Paulo.
  • A 27 reais ($7.80) pair of Havaianas bought in Florianópolis because they are the best flip-flops ever—I have four or five pairs at home from previous trips, they are sturdy!
  • A cheap alarm clock that may or may not work (must test it tonight).
  • A hotel pillow case I inadvertently stole in São Paulo. We had an extra one, I put it on my backpack to keep it clean and use it as a backup and I found it a week later with my beach towel in Rio. Please don’t call the Policía Militar de Brasil on me.
  • 975 pictures
  • So many memories…

So, what’s next?

One of the good-luck stones bought in Libertade, São Paulo’s “Little Tokyo” and my exit stamp from Brazil

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