I’m Leaving Brazil With…

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  • A new swimsuit I bought at the night market in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. A very lucky pick for 50 reais ($13), especially considering I couldn’t try it on!
  • 4 tweezers, a pack of two I bought in São Paulo and two that were given to me after a depilação session.
  • 3 panties because Brazil does panties very well.
  • A 30 reais ($8) Pink Floyd t-shirt bought at the Galeria do Rock in São Paulo.
  • A $2 white “New Year” cropped top bought in Catete, Rio de Janeiro. I’m still wearing because I love the cut.
  • Cream, mascara and lipstick from the Brazilian makeup brand Quem Disse, Berenice?
  • A half-empty tube of Aloe Vera after-sun gel bought in Florianópolis at the pharmacy for 15 reais ($4). It worked amazingly well, no peeling!
  • 3 good-luck stones bought in Libertade, São Paulo’s “Little Tokyo.”
  • A spoon and a hairbrush bought at Miniso, a Chinese low-cost retailer with tons of stores in São Paulo.
  • A 27 reais ($7.80) pair of Havaianas bought in Florianópolis because they are the best flip-flops ever—I have four or five pairs at home from previous trips, they are sturdy!
  • A cheap alarm clock that may or may not work (must test it tonight).
  • A hotel pillow case I inadvertently stole in São Paulo. We had an extra one, I put it on my backpack to keep it clean and use it as a backup and I found it a week later with my beach towel in Rio. Please don’t call the Policía Militar de Brasil on me.
  • 975 pictures
  • So many memories…

So, what’s next?

One of the good-luck stones bought in Libertade, São Paulo’s “Little Tokyo” and my exit stamp from Brazil


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  1. Such a strategic way of putting that lucky charm, so that it hides where that entry stamp is from! Is this the “twist”? I happen to recognise that other entry stamp and given your previous travels, that’s quite expected, no? 🙂

  2. I loveeee MINISO! I can get everything I need in a very reasonable price including eyeliner :))
    Here in Jakarta, it comes with “10% cash back” if you pay with an e-wallet app!

  3. The prices seem all very reasonable when you convert them in dollars, but if you earn a Brazilian salary, it’s all very expensive.

    • You’re obviously much more knowledgeable about Brazil than me, but it seemed like the Brazilian middle class was shopping like crazy in Rio and Sao Paulo and that they would consider these items “cheap”, judging by the much higher prices I saw in malls. However, I know that most of Brazil doesn’t enjoy this lifestyle.

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