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Important Things to Note Before You Move (To Canada)

Canadian Flag

Adult life can be stressful at times and the option that many people take is to seek greener pastures in a new environment and a new country. For many people, moving out of one’s country and settling in another has proven to be the best thing they have done as a change of setting invigorated their quest to attain their goals and dreams. However, to some, this has not been the case, instead of finding greener pastures, immigrating to foreign countries has been nothing but hell.

On most occasions, the reason behind this is that people would have moved without proper information about the country they are moving too and as such they only get to know what waits for them in the foreign land when they are already there. As such, this article seeks to share with you the common things you need to note before emigrating with a special focus on Canada. The reason why we chose Canada is that it is one of the first countries that many people think about emigrating to owing to its liberal stance; things such as same-sex relationships, online gambling at sites such as casino.netbet.co.uk and transacting in cryptocurrencies is legal and regulated plus there are lots of educational and employment opportunities.

Weather Patterns

Weather is one thing that many people fail to take into cognizance before emigrating but in actual effect, it has a huge bearing on whether your adventure is going to be successful or not. Acclimatizing to new weather patterns can take some time and for some people, it can take even years! As such, it’s important to move to a country which has more or less the same weather patterns as your own home country. In most parts of Canada, you get to experience short transitional seasons of hot summers and extremely cold and snowy winters.


Different countries have different levels of tolerance when it comes to diversity and multiculturalism. Some countries are very liberal and diverse as is the case with Canada. This, therefore, means, irrespective of where you come from, you are likely to find a support system of your fellow home country nationals. However, there are also other countries that are very conservative. Moving to such countries if you are not of the same race or religious affiliation may make your stay there miserable. As such, you seriously need to research on this issue before emigrating.


Each country has its own set of norms, traditions and values. It’s imperative that you know these (at least the basic/common ones) before emigrating. Major things to note here include the major religion in that country, preferred way of dressing, and the country’s stance towards political and civil rights. There are also other seemingly minor things to note but nonetheless crucial such as smoking (you need to check if it’s generally accepted to smoke in public places or not) and tipping (in some countries, not tipping is considered rude and it may tarnish your image with the local community even before you establish yourself).

Cost of Living

Regardless of whether a country is liberal or not, no country wants the burden of taking care of citizens of other nations. As such, you do not want to be a basket case as soon as you enter a new country. Do a research on the cost of living in the country you intend to emigrate to and prepare your funds accordingly before leaving. Take into consideration the fact that you may not find a job or something to do the very moment you step into the foreign country.