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  1. Hi Zhu,
    Wow ! A real explosion of colors. I just love it 🙂

    Like a few words of a song by Laurent Voulzy called ” Le Pouvoir des Fleurs” :
    ” changer les âmes
    changer les coeurs avec des bouquets de fleurs ”
    What would the world be without flowers ??


  2. It’s that time of year where the flowers are starting to bloom and I found myself taking photos of some daisies the other day. Not quite up to your tulips but very nice all the same.

  3. Great pictures Zhu. Some of your pictures are really great. Do you think u can have a section called wallpapers? It would be great.

  4. It reminds me of the song: Tulips from Amsterdam.

    These are beautiful flowers and you’ve captured them so well! Wish I could go to the festival with you – maybe I will one day – or we could meet half way, in Amsterdam 🙂

  5. @barbara – You’re right! And in Canada, after a long snowy winter, colorful flowers are a lovely thing.

    @the writer – Thank you!

    @Bluefish – You should come one day 😉

    @Adem – Oh daisies are cool too… I love flowers in the spring!

    @Guillermo – Gracias!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Oh, I know, I’m getting old and boring 😆

    @Gail at Large – Isn’t nice after lots of snow?!

    @Seb – Bears eat flowers, don’t they? 😉

    @Nigel – I emailed you 😉

    @Bill Miller – See, you were close, I’m getting into birds!

    @Seraphine – Ottawa is a good place to bloom 😉

    @RennyBA – I’d love to visit Amsterdam, Holland looks like a nice place. Maybe we do that half-way thing…

    @beaverboosh – I’m sure it does, I’m sure it does…

    @DianeCA – Yep, I’m like a bird flying North when the snow melts.

    @Shantanu – Is it rare in India? Never realized that! Which kind of flowers do you have?

    @Tanya – Yes, it’s an historic thing: Holland gave Canada the tulips after Canada sheltered the royal family during WW2.

    @RG – Lilac? Must be colorful too!

  6. Max Coutinho on

    Oh my God,

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I know not the names of flowers (I am not much of a flower girl), but I like looking at them where they should be…it is one of the best gifts nature has come up with :D!

    You are an artist, girl!


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