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The Isle of Nantes

Jules Verne, the famous French author, was born in Nantes. And today, in the warehouses of the former shipyards of Nantes, artists try to recreate a travel-through-time world which borrows from both Jules Verne’s imagination and Leonardo da Vinci’s passion for mechanics.

The site has two main attractions: the Great Elephant and the Marine Worlds Carrousel. Other creatures are being built in the hangars nearby and should add to the magical experience in the future.

The Isle of Nantes is also a reminder of the city’s industrial past. The yellow Titan Crane was left by the Chantiers Dubigeon, a historic shipyard. From the Isle, you can see the Quai de la Fosse, with its historical crooked buildings. It is still nicknamed “Quay of Buttock” because it was the red-light district when Nantes was an important port.

The Hangars
The Nave
Isle of Nantes
Spot the Elephant
The Nave
Titan Crane
Along the River
Tip of the Isle
The Marine Worlds Carrousel
The Marine Worlds Carrousel
Quai de la Fosse

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