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“It’s Just My Imagination Running Away With Me” – A Threadless Tee

It's Just My Imagination Running Away With Me
It’s Just My Imagination Running Away With Me

Threadless was the first online t-shirt shop I bought from, and I have a number of their products. I discovered the company over three years ago with the tee “Art Not War” and I ordered about ten t-shirts from them over the past years

The Chicago-based company started in 2000 and specializes in graphic t-shirt designs, created by and chosen by an online community. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days, the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on clothing and other products, and sold online and in retail stores.

I can vouch for the quality of the tees—mine are still in great condition, both the fabric and the printed design, after three years of wearing them!

My latest coup de coeur was for It’s Just My Imagination Running Away With Me, a design by Esther Aarts, a talented Netherlands-based illustrator and designer. I found the style was original and it reminded me of 剪纸,Chinese paper cutting art.

I ordered the Small Heather Grey Girly Tee on August 9. The tee was on sale ($7.95) and shipping was $9 (I ordered another tee to make it worthwhile!). I paid with Paypal and received a confirmation email right away.

Three days later, I received another email saying that my order had shipped through standard mail. Expected delivery was between August 19 and September 2, but no later than September 16. Spot on: I received the package on August 20.

I have never been disappointed with Threadless’ tees. This t-shirt is a great fit, fabric is thick and soft and the design is perfectly printed.

Would I recommend Threadless? Hell, yeah! And no, I’m not getting paid to say that. But honestly, just browsing the designs is entertaining, some are very creative. Bonus: they often have sales, so don’t feel like you have to buy the products full price.

It's Just My Imagination Running Away With Me
It’s Just My Imagination Running Away With Me

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