Ko Lanta

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If you feel an irresistible need to read Tom Clancy while burning under the sun, wear a Speedo swimsuit and yell in some Scandinavian language, be massaged by young Thai girls, show off your bad-ass tattoos and listen to Scorpions while on holidays, you came to the right place. Ko Lanta has all of the above.

Yes, I’m a snob. I know. It’s just that coming from Ko Muk, Ko Lanta was a bit of a shock. Upon arriving in the big island, you can’t miss the resort bungalows, ugly constructions peering over the beach. The whole place seems to have been built for the convenience of tourists: massage joints, bars and cheap beer, Internet cafés and postcard shops, and restaurants advertising “American breakfast & pizza”.

We weren’t that impressed by the beach: the sand isn’t very white here, and at high tide, the place can become crowded because of all the restaurants and bars facing the sea. The water isn’t that clear but it’s very calm—nice for a quick dip I guess. No palm trees here but pine trees, and the postcard feel wasn’t really there.

Past the first impression, we actually enjoyed Ko Lanta. The sunsets, for instance, were magnificent. Sure, Bob Marley songs are blasting from the bar’s loudspeakers—why are his songs always synonymous of “hippy-laid-back-place? —but the vibe isn’t bad overall. As we are going north, we know that most places will be very touristic, much more than Malaysia or the Trang Province.

You can see the complete set of pictures taken in Thailand on Flickr.

Thai Gas Station

Sunset on Ko Lanta

Welcome to Ko Lanta

Feng in Ko Lanta

Another Tuk Tuk Ride...

Motorcycle Taxis

Ko Lanta Long Beach

Sunset Silhouette

Sunset in Ko Lanta

Sunset in Ko Lanta


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  1. @Yogi – 😆 Actually Thailand is dirt cheap… the biggest expense is the plane ticket (and the time off).

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – These are mostly used by bike drivers, there are proper gas station, Shell and the like.

    @khengsiong – I thought so too! It still has a hippy vibe compared to, let’s say, Phuket, but it’s still a popular place.

    @Em – Thank you! 🙂

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