Lac Leamy Fireworks

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Has it been a year already? I guess so. Times flies, blah blah blah.

This week is walking down memory lane week. First, I came back to see these amazing sculptures on the shore of the Ottawa River, at Remic Rapids, that I discovered in August 2009. And then, last Saturday, we attended the yearly Lac Leamy Fireworks Competition, like we did last year.

We headed for the same great (and free) spot: the Galleries de Hull parking lot, right in front of the casino from where the fireworks are shot. I can’t say I’m getting much better at taking fireworks pictures: it’s a bit of a hit and miss. I use a tripod of course, and a wide focal lens with a slow shutter. Yet, it’s always difficult to not overexpose the fireworks and to come out with a picture that is too not hazy or smoky.

I’m pretty happy with these few shots, they turned out to be the best of an embarrassing numbers of pictures I took that night.

You can see the whole Ottawa Summer set here.

White Star


A Festival of Colors

Red and Green Stars

Kamuro Fireworks

Green and Red Spider

Palm and Crossette

Fish and Sparkles

Golden Crossettes

White Spider

Golden Spider

White Spider

Green and Red Spider


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  1. you take beautiful photos, zhu. whatever you are doing, keep doing it. there is a setting on my camera specifically for fireworks, but i haven’t used it yet. i have a feeling mine wouldn’t look half as good as yours. practice, practice, practice makes perfect.
    your remic rapids sculpture photos are among your best. i love especially the cloud reflections on the water.

  2. Beautiful shots, Zhu! I have learned that try to capture the fireworks in the beginning of the show becuase lots of smokes toward the end of the show. However, we all know that the most exciting fireworks are in the end 🙂 You did great, lovely set!:)

  3. These are gorgeous! I would never be able to take a picture like this, so I think you’re doing pretty well. I’m more of a point and click kind of girl 🙂 Looks like it must have been a fun evening!

  4. Magnifique tes photos Zhu. Je reviens te voir maintenant que tu es rentrée. J’ai découvert que tu étais de Nantes comme ma soeur et que tu as été” à St Nazaire où vit ma tante 🙂

    Je n’arrive pas à prendre des feux d’artifices, mon appareil n’est pas approprié. C’est marrant j’étais avec un ami canadien d’Ottawa au téléphone pendant une heure cet aprem et j’ai pensé à toi.

    Bon retour. Crikette

  5. Wow, I’m very impressed. I have tried fireworks photos and it is very hit and miss. Timing and exposure are very hard to get right.

    I have never heard of a fireworks competition and I love concept. Our whole family loves fireworks.

  6. i have a grand idea (un grand idee).
    since we don’t have to use electricity, gas or precious oil to make firewordks, we should use fireworks to light our homes. wouldn’t it be nice to shower by white spider, or read a book by fish and sparkles? cook on a crosette? we could throw our clothes into a red star.
    for other things, like making love, maybe candles would still be preferable…
    but wouldn’t you like to drive a green spider to work?
    be truthful. it would be cool!

  7. @khengsiong – Crowd is not a big problem in Canada, we have a lot of room 😉

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Thank you! Yes, fireworks are super tricky to capture.

    @Seraphine – The fireworks setting on compact cameras is actually pretty good, it has a slow shutter. So find a tripod (or any steady surface) and give it a shot! It works well for night pictures too.

    @London Caller – Or use the fireworks/ night setting is you have one.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Thank you! I love my DSLR 😉

    @micki – You are absolutely right. I usually focus on the first few and the last fireworks because the best is always kept for last.

    @Soleil – Give it a shot and you may be surprise! It comes with practice. I cringe when I see my first fireworks shots.

    @Sanjay – Eh eh, I’m blushing now…

    @Crikette – Merci ! La plupart des petits appareils photo ont une fonction pour les photos de nuit, ça peut suffire. Mais c’est vrai que les DSLR sont mieux pour ça parce que tu as le contrôle.

    @Yogi – Like you said, hit and miss! Fireworks are always a summer favorite here too. 😉

    @Seraphine – I’d love to try, but I’m afraid Feng is going to overdo it — you know, Chinese are fireworks… plus, my books could catch on fire. Nah.

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