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Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (2010-2011)


In December 2010, we flew to Australia, the land Down Under. It was our second trip there together (the first one was in 2003). We kicked off the trip going to a U2 concert, spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney, had a blast along the East Coast and enjoyed the beaches despite the Queensland floods.

However, we found Australia much more expensive than it used to be, so after a month we escaped to South-East Asia where we explored Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Singapore and Malaysia were way above my expectations and the mix of cultures was fascinating. Thailand? That was… interesting. As in “WTF” interesting. The country, usually top ranked among backpackers, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea even though the scenery was unique.

We also took a side trip to Los Angeles, our stopover on the way to and from Australia.

The photo sets are on Flickr: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Here is the travel diary: