18738473964_c52ee5b3ad_kWe regularly go to France to visit my family and enjoy some downtime in Nantes, the city where I was born and raised. Sometime, we explore the country, sometime, we just enjoy the cultural differences.

You can find our trips here:

  • 2008 (Paris and Brittany)
  • 2009 (Nantes and Paris)
  • 2010 (London and Nantes)
  • Spring 2012 (Nantes)
  • Summer 2013 (Nantes)
  • 2013 (Christmas in France)
  • 2014 (Nantes)
  • 2015 (in Nantes and at the seaside)
  • 2016 (in Nantes, Angers and along the Atlantic Coast)
  • 2017 (in Nantes, Angers, Saint Nazaire, Pornic and Saint-Michel)