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List of Weird Things I’ve Tasted

c5f1The Man is cooking in the kitchen and I can smell the tomato sauce and peppers cooking. I’m starving : why on earth did I have to spend half of my day at work today ? It’s Sunday, people ! Of course, I haven’t eaten yet and therefore feeling a bit bitchy. Yep. Some people get cranky when they haven’t got enough sleep, but lack of sleep doesn’t influence my mood much but for the fact you’d better not ask me to solve world’s issues. However, you don’t want me hungry…

I love testing new food when I travel. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t… but you end up with some pretty cool stories to brag about !

Here is my top five of the weirdest things I ate, my best surprises and my worst disappointments.

1) Tricked by Australians

We were then staying at an hostel in King’s Cross, for about 20$ a night with free breakfast served early in the morning. On the first morning, I got up just a bit before nine, hoping there were some breakfast left. Half asleep, I made my way to the kitchen and saw the nicest thing ever : a big jar of Nutella ! I managed to find a clean knife and a slice of bread and started to help myself with some of the delicious hazelnut spread. First bit. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. This wasn’t Nutella. No it wasn’t. It was Vegemite (also known as Marmite in the UK), an extremely popular yeast paste. I’ve never felt so betrayed. I mean, how could you ??? This stuff doesn’t even remotely taste like chocolate !

2) Rendered vegetarian in Hong Kong

I don’t mind Chinese food and I’ve always prided myself on testing everything, including food westerners typically don’t like. However, Hong Kong was a different story. I loved the Xiu Mai, the Dim Sum, the seafood, Yuanyang… That was basically the food I enjoyed when I was eating alone or with friends.

But I sometimes had to attend business lunches with my boss. Have you ever been to an Hong Kong business lunch ? It usually starts at 11 am with some Dim Sum, and is then followed by…yummy… meat. Let’s called it like that. Offal. Mixed pig organ porridge. Pig feet. Why, why, why ? The meals never seemed to end, pig feet are quite awkward to eat with chopsticks and the average temperature outside was 30C. I quite became vegetarian after this…

3) So many food poisoning avoided…

For all the times we ate in the street on the road, I think the night we spent in Puno (Peru) was the most daring. We had just arrived and were tired and hungry. By the time we finished showering it was already pitch dark outside. We went out anyway, looking for food and eventually ended up at the local market. Food stalls were scattered in the dark alleys and since we were both hungry we didn’t pay too much attention to the food we were engorging nor the people around us.

Luckily, none of us was sick afterwards, I guess by the time we got to Peru our stomach bugs were pretty much dead. But what a food raid !

4) The best fish is the one eaten on the beach

I love seafood and I can remember two great time I had some.

First one is one the shore of lake Titicaca (Bolivia). We had a test of the famous “trucha“, fresh out of the lake served with rice and lemon.

Second time was in Playa Del Carmen. We had just arrived and were starving and tired as usual. We walked to the beach nearby and just sat there for a while. A small restaurant caught our attention, and we soon found ourselves sit down at a wooden table, with a huge piece of fish served with tortilla and a Margarita. Loved the fish, loved the place.

5) Food fest in Rio

By the time we got to Rio de Janeiro, in our 2001-2002 crazy Latin America raid, we knew the trip was almost over, so we didn’t mind spending some money on food. Bye bye street food, hello food courts ! A mall in downtown Rio had the really nice food court with all kind of food, located on the roof of the building. We used to have Chinese stir-fry looking at the Pan de Azucar down below…

I also loved to sample doce de leiteon Copacabana or comida por kilo in Gloria or Catece…

It’s not so much the food than the place where you eat it and how hungry you are at the time…

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