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London Shopping

I don’t care for shoes nor jewelery – I’m a t-shirt girl. I’ve always loved collecting them. They are usually cheap, they last for years and they (almost always) fit. What’s not to like?

I sleep in oversized rock bands and music t-shirts: Metallica, U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers… I have my collection of Hard Rock Café t-shirts I started in Beijing, in 1999. I also buy designers t-shirts online at Threadless, such this nice one and this funny one. I have blue, red, pink, yellow, black and green t-shirts, neatly folded in piles in my closet. You can never have too many t-shirts, can’t you?

In France, I bought a bunch of beauty products. In London, I found a t-shirt mecca at Camden Market. Originally a craft market, the Camden Lock Market is now a thriving shopping area and hundreds of retailers sell clothes and souvenirs. You can find pretty much anything, from your basic “I love London” t-shirt to trendier vintage clothes. I fell in love with the Funky Chameleon brand and bought a few embroidered tank tops.

It’s also in Camden Market that I fell in love again with my teenage years shoes: the famous Doc Martens shoes. The British boots have long been popular with punks and other subcultures and they were very trendy when I was in high-school. I actually went through a couple of pairs of the iconic Dr. Martens 8-eye boot in purple, and I even brought back to Canada the first pair I got when I was 12 years old. In London, I fell in love with the same pair of shoes, in cherry red this time — for £40.00, it was quite a deal.

You can follow our trip to the U.K here on Flickr: United Kingdom.

The Girl on a Swing T-shirt
Funky Chameleon
The Girl with Big Eyes T-shirt
Wounded Bear T-shirt
The Girl with Red hair T-shirt
My Red Doc Martens Shoes

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