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Picture of the Week – Lonely Dog

Lonely Dog, Ottawa, October 2011

Canadians like pets, and in residential neighbourhoods it’s common to see people walking their dogs after an early dinner, no matter the weather.

However, unlike the French, Canadians are well-behaved and they pick up after their dogs—streets here are not dotted with dog poop. In fact, the last time I saw… uh, a little accident in the middle of the street, was on Parliament Hill and the culprit was no doubt RCMP horses. Apparently, officers don’t have to pick up manure.

Some stores, including Roots, state that dogs are welcome to shop with their owner. However, after an incident this summer where a dog bit a greeter’s nose at Home Depot, many big-box retail stores moved to officially ban pets.

I think pets should wait outside. No matter how cute they can be, they don’t really need to follow their owner. I sometimes get annoyed when owners let their pets roam free and unsupervised—yes, I like your dog, can you please get it off me now?

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