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Going Back From Travelling Solo – “Mark… I Am Your Mother…”

Mark and I On The Motorcycle Racing Video Game, Ottawa, March 2013
Mark and I On The Motorcycle Racing Video Game, Ottawa, March 2013

Feng was waiting for me at the Ottawa Airport. It took all my self-control not to run to him—I think I did run, actually. We hugged. I suddenly realized how much I had missed him. There is no better feeling than spotting a loved one waiting for you at Arrivals.

I had a few hours to unpack and start doing laundry before picking Mark up at his grandparents. I emptied my backpack, put my stuff away and started cleaning the house. “I vacuumed like… two days ago?” Feng claimed. “Did you actually plug the vacuum cleaner?” I asked, amazed at how much dust had accumulated over the course of three weeks. No doubt that two guys had been living in the house. There were toys scattered everywhere, as well as “guy food” in the fridge and on the kitchen counter—chicken nuggets, popcorn, candies…

Meh. I lived in hostels. I have seen worse messes.

We drove to Feng’s parents. I was nervous, as if summoned to the principal’s office after being caught skipping school. “Do you think he will to recognize me?” I asked. “Of course he will! You are his mother!”

I had no idea how Mark was going to react seeing me and I had butterflies in my stomach.

We rang the bell, my father-in-law opened the door and we stepped in. My mother-in-law was going down the stairs, Mark in her arms. When he saw me, a look of surprise flashed across his face. Then he smiled and called “woo, woo!”

I hugged him and he hugged back. It struck me how much Mark looks like Feng. It struck me how grown up he was. He is no longer a baby but a little boy now. This didn’t happen over the past three weeks, of course, but it’s easier to notice changes when you don’t see people in a while.

After hugging, Mark decided to rebel. He got mad at me and ran to my mother-in-law, crying to be picked up.

I was expecting such reaction from my perceptive little boy so I let it go.

Once we were home, it was business as usual. Mark’s hair and nails were very long so I held a “cutting party.” I bathed him, fed him, entertained him.

“I told you, Mark. Mommy always comes back,” I said.

“Ah da.”

“Yes, I missed you too. Did you have fun when I was away?”

“Ah da.”

“Good. I had fun too. Now, let’s have some fun together, shall we?”

“Ah da.”

I chose to take it as a “yes” and tickled him.

Yep, mommy is back. My hair is shorter, I am ridiculously tan and I really need to wax my legs. I feel pretty good.

Now is the time to start a new routine and yes… this includes getting help with Mark.

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