Metallica Concert In Ottawa

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How to release frustrations after a hard day at work? Head to a heavy metal concert!

You hadn’t pictured me as a metalhead, had you? Well, I’m not usually into heavy metal but I love Metallica. I had heard the band was great live and I couldn’t wait to attend the concert in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, what was bound to happen happened. I was searched upon entering the arena and couldn’t go in with my beloved camera. Fear not: I’m so addicted to photography that I still managed to sneak out a smaller digital camera — ah! Don’t expect DSLR quality pictures this time, but I’m still quite happy with the result. Think of it as photojournalism: reporting live (well, a day later) from the mosh pit!

One of the best parts of the concert was definitely the crowd. Metal fans are loud, fun and take their concerts seriously. Yet, because they are Canadians, they are polite and don’t go into knife fights in the mosh pit. Love them. The two guys in front of us, for example, prepared their seats before the show: they went back-and-forth to the bar and lined up 15 cups of beer on the floor, at their feet. Drunk them all, trust me. I actually had to wash all of the clothes I was wearing because I could smell beer, even though I didn’t drink anything!

The music was awesome: the band is definitely worth seeing live. They interact quite a lot with the crowd and they were quite funny — in a dark metal kind of way. This is the kind of concert where you can’t help pumping your first in the air, throwing the devil horns and screaming “nothing else matter”.

Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa
Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa
Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa
Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa
Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa
Metallica Concert In Ottawa Metallica Concert In Ottawa


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  1. I Love Metallica but the first albums (Master of puppets, Black, and justice for all, etc) and I saw them in concert last year in Dublin. It was my first time I saw them and they are dead good!

    Good pictures!

  2. i hate hate hate hate HATE hate hate hate places that won’t let me take my camera. i mean, i can understand them not wanting flashes if somebody on a horse is jumping off a cliff into a glass of water, but heyyyy. a rock concert? not letting you use a camera is stupid.
    so good for you, taking a small camera anyway!
    love the pic of you too.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..She’s the Devil =-.

  3. @Nigel Babu – It sure helps!

    @Cornflakegirl – There awesome live! Like you, I like the “old” Metallica best. They mostly played their old songs, I found. Thank you for your comment!

    @Bluefish – Thank you! Would have been better with the DSLR 🙁

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – 😆 Yes, we’ve been to quite a few concerts lately. But I think this one is the last one for this year… nothing else scheduled!

    @Agnes – 🙂

    @Soleil – I am a sneaky photographer. I just can’t help it!

    @Seraphine – It’s not even about the flash… some argue it’s for “terrorist” reasons that they don’t allow lenses with zoom. Really, it’s because the band has its own photographer. Most places aren’t too picky anymore though, because everyone has a phone with a camera these days. Some places just need me to show that my camera doesn’t record. But this time, they argued it was “too professional”. Oh well…

    @DianeCA – I heard Scandinavia was quite into heavy metal actually, it is true?

    @Tulsa Gentleman – They are actually pretty good, even if you are not into heavy metal (and we aren’t).

  4. Great shots like always! Cracks me up about those guys in front of you preparing with all the beer at their feet.

    Disappointing that there aren’t many knife fights at concerts in Canada. I think that’s the best part. (of course I would, right???!)
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Circus Magic Drawing =-.

  5. @Seb – I know, I know… but knife equals blood and I don’t want to dirt the camera. 😆

    @RennyBA’s Terella – I know you do! Do you sometimes attend rock music concerts?

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