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After hanging out in Niagara Falls, we took the Niagara Parkway and headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake. The road along the Niagara River was very scenic and we stopped a few times to see the Whirlpool and Hydroelectric Station.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is much quieter than Niagara Falls and most tourists are here to enjoy historic buildings and good wine, not haunted houses and family entertainment. Antique shops, art galleries and golf courses replace fast food joints and touristy attractions.

The region enjoys a mild climate (for Canada!) and his known for fruit production and wineries—this is where the famous Canadian ice wine is produced.

You can see the complete Niagara Falls set on Flickr.

Niagara River Whirlpool
Lone Tree


Young Grape

White Fence and Blue House

Twisted Post

Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations

Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations



Blue House

Full Breakfast

Historic Buildings


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  1. I loved that place. We visited it sometime last year, mainly because we wanted to see Fort George. But after visiting the fort, we also strolled along downtown, and there were plenty of interesting shops that sold antiques, ice cream, specialty stores, and various other products.

  2. i hate “family” entertainment. it’s not that i’m against families, i just hate being excluded.
    great pictures zhu. i love how you always have fun no matter where you go.

  3. I always read your posts but I don’t always take time to comment. Sorry. You like to travel and I always enjoy reading about your adventures. We enjoy road trips and would like to visit Canada. We like to travel with our nice old dog Smokey but he is not welcome in Canada. It would be nice to visit somewhere cooler. We are suffering terrible heat – over 100F every day for 3 weeks! I can tolerate it better than Susan because I grew up here. Poor Susan is from Chicago and the heat makes here cranky. It is tough on us both.

  4. NOTL has a very laid back atmosphere, I like it a lot. Also, many wineries organise free tours of their vineyards. It’s a great day excursion from Nigara Falls, esp if you have a bike you can stop everywhere on the way. The hum of the hydroelectric station when the bike path passes under the wires is kinda scary!!

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