Night And Day In Toronto’s Chinatown

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Of course, when in Toronto two weeks ago, we ended up in Chinatown – again. Looks like I can never really escape my Chinese roots – wait a minute… I’m not Chinese!

Nonetheless, I feel at home in crowded Chinatown. The smell of the food, the colorful signs and displays, the multicultural atmosphere make me feel good. Plus, it’s a great place to take pictures. It’s not easy though. From my experience, people get really nervous when you pull out a camera in Chinatown. I usually don’t have problems to shot whatever I feel like it but each time I was eyed suspiciously as a photographer, it was in Chinatown. The funny thing is, still from my experience, most Chinese love to take pictures. Hell, each time I went to China, I had to pose for pictures!

In the evening, we had the best baozi (small steamed buns filled with cabbage, meat etc.) in a small restaurant. It looks a bit like that (these were homemade) but steamed.

You can see the full set of the pictures taken in Toronto here.


Bamboo Painting

Spadina Street

Crowded Street

Night In Chinatown

Wonton Soup, Anyone?

Busy Intersection

Grocery Store


Waiting For Someone

Construction at Night

Restaurants Street


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  1. this indonesian on

    Wow. China Town. It’s really depressing that Scandinavian countries don’t have china towns 🙁
    .-= this indonesian´s last blog ..Waiting for the world (YOU!) to change =-.

  2. I totally know what you are saying!! Chinatown here in Vancouver is like my sanctuary when I get really badly Shanghai-sick and need to get back to the familiar comfort of street snacks, loud crowds and market places. Toronto’s one seems so much more vibrant and bustling than Vancity’s though.

  3. Wow, that is a much bigger Chinatown than Montreal’s! Lots of Chinese signs on the buildings.. I thought the red girl with a large bowl is the logo of a Japanese’s noodle place, however, I am not sure either. It looks like it..:)
    .-= micki´s last blog ..Taipei 101 Skyscraper =-.

  4. Max Coutinho on

    Hi Zhu,

    Marvellous pics (as always).
    Chinatown seems a vibrant place – day and night :D! Definitely a place to visit!

    Have a great weekend, darling!
    .-= Max Coutinho´s last blog ..Vanity Fare =-.

  5. I had no idea Torontos Chinatown was so big!!! Reminds me of the one in New York. I wish we had a little Chinatown in Oslo. We do have restaurants but they are mostly spread out, although there are several Asian supermarkets in one section of the City. Looks Great, and as always cool photos!

  6. @this indonesian – That’s too bad. It’s rare too: most countries I’ve been to had some kind of Chinatown.

    Glad you found me again! I lost you when you closed your old blog 🙂

    @Soleil – Yes, the signs really take you halfway across the world. I love them!

    @Cynthia – Oh yes, it is! The one in Montreal was a bit too small I found.

    @Ines – I’m pretty sure the one in Vancouver is bigger. I mean, it has to be, Vancouver is such an “Asian” city! Or maybe it’s a stereotype?

    @micki – Mmm… It may be a Japanese place. I think the sign above was in Chinese, but it could be Japanese food advertised in Chinese!

    @Sidney – Totally!

    @khengsiong – Toronto has pretty good public transportation: bus, the red rocket (tramway) and a subway. Better than Ottawa, for sure! Yes rush hour can be brutal, especially given the number of people who live in the greater Toronto.

    @Seraphine – I find people are way more suspicious when I have my “big” camera (DSLR). The small one is a “tourist camera”, the big one means business. That’s what I imagine people think.

    But eh, these days people have cameras on cell phones… so really, you can’t hide from pictures and crazy photographers 🙂

    @Gail at Large – Really? I’ve been told to not take picture of really innocent things (like signs) tons of time. After I took the night pictures, we went to a restaurant and while I was reviewing the pictures on the camera, the waitress rushed to tell me to put it away.

    @Beth – You should! There are some awesome restaurants too. Try one that say “North East China” (right beside the place captioned “waiting for someone”). The food was great!

    @Yogi – I did enjoy it a lot.

    @shionge – Wanton soups are great, especially when it’s cold outside! They are so comforting….

    @Max Coutinho – Chinatowns always look good at night from my experience – must be all the signs!

    @DianeCA – Oh yeah, the one in Toronto is huge. It’s a whole neighborhood, really.

    @London Caller – Same for TO, the Chinatown is right downtown, it’s a good location. Most Chinatowns are very central I find.

    @Gill – Driving in Toronto is not for me, for sure!

  7. Salut Zhu,

    Very nice, dear lady.
    It was good to feel another place where I have no attachments.
    I was just losing myself a few instants… Which is in part, why I like to travel, for the experiences and feeling of places.

    J’espère que la vie est belle pour toi. Ici, le devise est ” jour par jour”. C’est long et on se sent encore triste, mais c’est normal après un deuil.
    Je ne vais pas toucher à mon blog pour l’instant.On verra bien… Je n’abandonne pas; je marque une pause.

    Je t’embrasse et je te souhaite bonne continuation. Continue à profiter de la vie.

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