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Night And Day In Toronto’s Chinatown

Of course, when in Toronto two weeks ago, we ended up in Chinatown – again. Looks like I can never really escape my Chinese roots – wait a minute… I’m not Chinese!

Nonetheless, I feel at home in crowded Chinatown. The smell of the food, the colorful signs and displays, the multicultural atmosphere make me feel good. Plus, it’s a great place to take pictures. It’s not easy though. From my experience, people get really nervous when you pull out a camera in Chinatown. I usually don’t have problems to shot whatever I feel like it but each time I was eyed suspiciously as a photographer, it was in Chinatown. The funny thing is, still from my experience, most Chinese love to take pictures. Hell, each time I went to China, I had to pose for pictures!

In the evening, we had the best baozi (small steamed buns filled with cabbage, meat etc.) in a small restaurant. It looks a bit like that (these were homemade) but steamed.

You can see the full set of the pictures taken in Toronto here.

Bamboo Painting
Spadina Street
Crowded Street
Night In Chinatown
Wonton Soup, Anyone?
Busy Intersection
Grocery Store
Waiting For Someone
Construction at Night
Restaurants Street

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