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Nightime in London

It’s no secret that I love cities at dusk—I always find the moment magical. Then, night time often offers the chance to see the other side of a place, and night lights can be magical, no matter the season.

After a full day of exploring London, we were usually pretty tired, and the long ride back to the hotel on the slow Circle Line wasn’t much of an incentive to hang out very late—which you have to do in the summer, since sunset is typically around 8:30 p.m.

Yet, we took the time to check out a few main places after dark, including the Jubilee Gardens with the picturesque London Eye and views on the River Thames, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus and the Palace of Westminster. I didn’t have a tripod (I rarely travel with one, too bulky and cumbersome) but I found a way to keep the camera steady to use a slow shutter speed. And the pictures turned out okay!

The London Eye and Jubilee Gardens
The London Eye
The London Eye
The London Eye
Palace of Westminster from Jubilee Gardens
County Hall
Westminster Bridge
Big Ben
Buses on Westminster Bridge
Carnaby Street
Piccadilly Circus

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