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Traveling is all about taking chances. We move every day or every couple of days. The road never ends. Some places are disappointing while others are true gems. Sometimes, we can’t wait to get away, sometimes, we wish we could stay a lifetime, but we move on and take another chance—after all, the next stop could be paradisiac.

Sometimes, it’s scary. When we find ourselves in a nice place, we fear what’s next. It may not be as good. It may be crowded, hostels may be booked, places can be dirty or expensive, everything could be closed. But we move on regardless. We are free and the world is a playground.

Traveling is all about letting go. Trying to control everything is impossible since we depend on so many factors: the weather, the bus driver, the environment in general. Whenever something goes wrong, I take a deep breath and move on. Or try to, anyway.

Little things don’t matter as much. Yes, we are soaked by the rain—so what? Sand gets into everything, from backpacks to underwear. Oh well. It’s just sand, isn’t it! Nowhere to do laundry? I’ll wash a few stuff under the shower. Stores are closed? Well, skipping a meal never killed anyone. Oh wait, I still have half an avocado and some bread, here is dinner! The hostel is noisy? Never mind, I’m so tired I’ll pass out anyway, who cares about the other six people in the dorm?

We are free. It’s all that matters.

After Rainbow Beach, we headed to Noosa. Unfortunately, the rain followed us or rather, got there ahead of us. Apparently, it has been raining for 3 weeks straight in Noosa.

The beach (ironically called “Sunshine Beach”) was empty and it was raining pretty hard, but since it’s still very hot, we didn’t mind that much. The first thing I noticed was the “bluebottles” sign buried in the sand. “Are these jellyfishes?” I asked one of the lifeguards. “Yay mate”, he replied, bending down to pick one up on the sand. ”See the tentacles?” he added, squeezing the long blue thread I hadn’t noticed. “Are they…er… deadly?” I asked, wary of jellyfishes after seeing so many warning about Irukandji in Northern Queensland. “Nay, just painful for about 20 minutes these ones”. Oh yeah sure, finally some non-deadly wildlife—I can deal with that, I thought.

Indeed, there were bluebottles washed upon the shore all along the beach. But local were swimming and I jumped into the water regardless. Sure, I watched my feet for a minute or two but the warm water and strong waves made me forget about it pretty quickly. Eh, can’t say no to a beach without deadly stingers, crocodiles or sharks.

The long and empty stretch of beach was beautiful, even under the rain. It actually added some character. Call me spoil if you wish but you do get tired of picture-perfect beaches under the blue sky.

Feet in the Sand
Swimming with Stingers
Bluebottles Jellyfishes
Long Tentacles!
Bluebottle Jellyfish
Surfer on the Beach
Sunshine Beach
Sunshine Beach
Yes, I'm Soaked!

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