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Off We Go… (Yes, to Mexico with a One-Year-Old Baby, Why?)

Too Damn Cold

I’m not okay but I working on getting back on my feet.

Travelling is my medicine. Eh, it’s better than drugs, right?

So off we go… again! We’ve barely unpacked from the French Christmas and we are back to packing—lighter this time because hopefully, we won’t need sweaters.

Mexico, here we come!

We are heading south until the end of January. Our first real backpacking trip with Mark. This should be… interesting.

Initially, we were supposed to leave this Monday but we changed the tickets (and our return date accordingly) to make sure Feng’s eye was okay. He’s been cleared by the ophthalmologists at the Eye Institute and I cut Mark’s nails, so we should be fine. Changing our departure date was probably a blessing anyway considering the weather the past few days—we might have been stuck or delayed in Toronto.

I am rummaging through the closet to remember what I wore last summer when it was hot, trying my shorts on to see if they still fit, putting a note to bring my swimsuit. I’m checking our itinerary against the Lonely Planet’s advice even though we don’t really have a plan, a usual. This time, I have to pack carefully. Backpacking calls for self-reliance whereas when we go to France, I can always use my family’s endless supply of beauty products (and yes, toilet paper!).

I can’t wait to escape. “Cry me a river!” you are probably thinking, “you’ve just taken holidays in France!

Yeah, well… We need real holidays. We need real travelling.

Feng and I met in China in 1999, far away from our respective “homes.” We explored the world together. Mark was “made in Mexico” (or Honduras… can’t tell!). I had sworn I wouldn’t quit travelling after having kids and while it’s not easy, we are trying to show him the world.

I hope I can still speak Spanish. I hope Mark loves tortillas as much as he loves bread in France.

Follow our adventures… Estación México!

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