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Picture of the Week: On The Rink

On The Rink, Ottawa, February 2012

Everybody knows that Canadians can be passionate about things the rest of the world doesn’t care much about, such as Tim Hortons’ coffee, the weather or hockey. But at least, we don’t complain too much about the cold—or if we do, it’s because it’s really cold.

Ironically, it’s almost warmer than in Europe right now, even though some days are quite chilly with temperatures below – 10°C (see, I’m being Canadian, talking about the weather!). This doesn’t mean that people stay home: with Winterlude under way and Hockey Day in Canada coming up soon, I’ve seen a lot of folks on the ice or around ice sculptures this week.

There is a little park in our neighbourhood, and each year the community puts up a homemade outdoor ice skating rink, also used for hockey practice by the kids. I snapped this picture when walking back from the supermarket, as a teen was lacing up his skates before hitting the ice.

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