One… Spider Taking Over The City!

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My English chum, Graham, is currently hosting a Photo hunt at One Man’s Travel Blog. The theme of the month is “One” and here is… one major threat to the city of Ottawa, the one thing that could overthrow the Parliament — one big spider!


This sculpture by Louise Bourgeois (oh, yes, it is a sculpture by the way!) can be found downtown Ottawa, right by the National Gallerie of Canada. In the distance, you can see the Byward market, the Château Laurier and the US Embassy. Standing at 30 feet tall, the mother of all spider, Maman, is cast in bronze and has a sac of white marble eggs in her belly. Yes, you get used to walk by even if you’re not a big spider fan! I don’t even mind standing under it…

I took this picture last week: notice the blue sky, a sure sign of extremely cold weather here in Canada. It was about — 20C that day. I choose this shot because I liked the idea of one small arachnid everyone hates in a position to take over a city. Doesn’t it feel that way, viewed from this angle? Okay, my interpretation of “one” is a bit loose… I admit it!

One spider to rule them all…


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  1. I know why that spider is so familiar! I saw another one of those spiders by the same sculptor in Washington DC! I saw it in the National Sculpture Garden! I took a photo of it! I’ll probably post it sometime later, since I have a 6 month back-log of photos, I’m still in my New York City photos, which I took back in August.

  2. 20C isn’t cold, you wuss! 😛

    But that is a terribly large spider. No way would I be caught standing under that. Ew.

  3. Wow!!! Cute spider and great interpretation of “one” 😛 We have a sculputre like this one in London outside our National Modern Art Gallery. You have captured the sculpture from a great position, it really looks like it is taking over the world…lol! A super find!!!!

  4. Cool spider! But what were you doing outside in -20C weather? I would lock myself in the house if it were that cold here -and hibernate until spring! 😉

  5. Maybe the spider is waiting for spring to thaw out.

    We’re getting pretty close to that temperature here. As I type it is -16C here. Can’t wait for spring myself.

  6. Art: nope, I swear it’s fake. I double-checked 😉

    Lis: I guess so!

    Spyder: I knew you would like your homonym 😉

    Hélène: thanks for visiting! You’re always welcome in Ottawa… et je parle français!

    Linguist in waiting: cool! I knew her spiders traveled quite a bit but I wasn’t sure where 😉

    Ghosty: the sculpture is amazing though. But yeah, it’s a bit creepy the first time 😉

    Jay Cam: I see, you’re more an alligator (well, Florida…) kind of guy… okay, okay, I’ll take it out!

    Aiglee: that’s great! Can’t wait to read about it!

    Keshi: ooops… sorry! Next time, I’ll post kittens! 😉

    Graham: not sure if the spider is “cute” (only a guy can say that!) but I had a lot of fun looking for a suitable “one” picture, so thanks for the opportunity!

    Theresa: nah, –20C is playtime for us! Staying indoor? We’re not American ya know! 😆

    Larro: tell me about it… The only good part of winter is I gained a lot of arm muscles from shoveling the snow!

    Max: oh, generous girl… tag AND award? I have to check this out! Obrigada!

    Inga: thanks for visiting! That’s cool — I knew she had other spiders around the world, but not where exactly.

  7. OMG! I thought you had super-imposed two different pics. Very interesting scultpure indeed. I have been rather busy lately, and have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. 🙂

  8. “Spiderman. spiderman does whatever a spider can, spins a web any size catches thieves just like flies…”. Hey, wait a minute this post isn’t about Spiderman but about a huge Spider depicting sculpture in Canada!!! Damn, damn, damn, I knew all those comic book excesses of old and present would eventually catch up with me:).

    Pretty dominating figure that Spider and I am sure it creeps out some people over there:)

    Great picture as always!


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